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Top 10 eLearning Content Development Companies For 2015

This is our third year of publishing the list of top 10 eLearning content development companies. This year’s list is particularly interesting, with quite a few position reclassifications and dynamic new additions, so we are very excited to share it with you. Ladies and gentlemen of the eLearning world, we proudly present to you the top 10 eLearning content development companies for 2015!
Top 10 eLearning Content Development Companies For 2015

The Top 10 eLearning Content Development Companies For 2015 

As “top” can mean many things, we created this year’s list by following the same process that we used for the top 10 eLearning content development companies for 2014 list. Taking a closer look at the companies that are leading the line when it comes to eLearning, we selected the top 10 based on the following 7 criteria:

  1. eLearning Content Development Quality.
  2. eLearning Expertise.
  3. eLearning Industry Innovation.
  4. eLearning Company’s Economical Growth Potential.
  5. Customer Retention.
  6. Employee Turnover.
  7. Company’s Social Responsibility.

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As you can guess, the companies on the following list are the eLearning content development crème de la crème. Don’t hesitate to review their official websites and contact them to know more about how they can help you align your organization’s learning and performance goals with its business objectives. If you are looking for the best eLearning content development companies that create high impact and super engaging and immersive eLearning courses, here you are:

1) SweetRush

SweetRush is #1 eLearning content development company for the second time in a row, which says a lot. As it seems, their motto, “Dream with us, and together let’s make a positive impact!”, fully supports their pursuit of helping businesses grow, change, prosper, and thrive. This company focuses on culture, and mastery of performance improvement is reflected in a near-zero turnover of teammates, sustained relationships with many of the world’s most successful companies, a 14-year track record of success, and a remarkable, award winning workEvery solution SweetRush delivers is infused with creativity: Instructional creativity allows them to discover effective and unique solutions to their clients’ challenges. Artistic creativity spurs them to create visually exciting, engaging user experiences. And technical creativity allows them to embrace new capabilities and platforms as they emerge, such as gamification and mobile delivery. They apply the creative lens to all things, from project management to how they care for their teammates, clients, and the planet.  SweetRush’s end-end services embrace analysis to evaluation and they excel at delivering innovative blended learning solutions including live and virtual classroom and the full gamut of custom-developed eLearning modalities. Contact SweetRush and ask them to show you how they would approach your challenge.

2) EI Design

A new addition, straight to No2 of our list: EI Design began in February 2002 and from a small team of three is now capable of generating over 500 online learning hours a year! Over the last decade, they have created over 6000 hours of eLearning of which over 400 hours are for mLearning. They understand the challenges of user experience in a multi-device environment, and have successfully crafted the right interaction design to meet the mandate. They have also a strong expertise in migration of legacy courses to HTML5, as well as crafting effective strategy for multi-device delivery for new requirements. Their customers come from diverse verticals like Financial services, Insurance, Re-Insurance, Automotive, and IT. Through a strong core featuring creative Instructional Design, EI Design offers a range of innovative learning designs; some of the techniques they use are gamification, interactive videos, decision making - branching simulations, story based, scenario based, and guided exploration. One of EI Design’s biggest strengths is their ability to identify the big picture to create a Learning and Performance Ecosystem; this approach ensures that their focus is on performance gain and provides their customers a clear blueprint to enhance their existing learning strategy. They also have a competency lab to research on facets that impact learnability. The outcome would be framework that will provide guidelines on how to convert the user experience to learnability.
With their expertise on learning design and a highly efficient offshore development model, EI Design offers a very attractive total cost of outsourcing to their customers. Want to know more about that? Contact EI Design here.

3) LEO

Following the merger of the two leaders in learning technologies and eLearning, Epic (which made it to no4 of our 2014 list) and Line, LEO benefits from more than 30 years of experience. This company believes that technology enabled learning innovation has the power to deliver truly transformational results; their purpose is to help their clients deploy learning technology to deliver outcomes precisely aligned to their business goals. Their engaging learning architectures fit seamlessly into businesses and improve performance throughout the entire organization; their end-to-end service offering enables them to partner with global clients throughout the creation, implementation, and maintenance of their learning transformation; their key focuses include strategy, content, and platforms services. LEO asks questions which allow them to get to the root of an organization’s challenges, enabling them to approach solutions differently and creatively. Their clients benefit from a boutique-style delivery service, as LEO has also the capability to scale up for larger programs when required. This company has the deep understanding of learning design and technology combined with their pioneering, creative approach to drive learning transformation. LEO is part of Learning Technologies Group plc (LTG) and you can contact them here.

4) City & Guilds Kineo

Kineo is a global workplace learning company that helps businesses improve their performance through learning and technology. Acquired by City & Guilds in December 2012, they now have over 130 years of heritage and 1500 employees in 81 countries backing their innovative learning solutions and are able to offer an unrivalled set of learning services to their customers. This company is here to improve performance in your organization by making your eLearning, and access to learning, a better experience. From the starting point of considering how and where learning can help you deliver business results through to its design, delivery and implementation, they partner with our clients on the whole journey. Their focus is on delivering solutions that help their clients to achieve their business objectives rather than winning awards; however, it is nice to be recognized by the industry and to pick up some awards and recognition from time to time! Kineo has developed thousands of learning programs, working with a wide range of partners. Areas of expertise and experience include management and leadership, sales and product knowledge, customer service, compliance and awareness, technical and process training, and onboarding and orientation programs. Their services include consulting and capability building, blended program design and development, custom, rapid, and mobile eLearning development (see examples), course library of Kineo Essentials content, and learning portals and LMS using Totara LMS. Want to know more? Contact your regional Kineo office.

5) Designing Digitally

Designing Digitally, Inc. is an award-winning, full-service provider of interactive and engaging custom-built eLearning, mobile learning, 3D training simulations, and serious games. They do much more than just develop custom training solutions; they create strong relationships and work as a partnership to achieve your organization’s learning objectives. For over a decade, Designing Digitally has specialized in designing educational, engaging, and entertaining online learning and corporate training experiences tailored to fit your specific needs. They strive to provide a prosperous return on investment by producing high quality interactive learning solutions and immersive training. To learn more about how Designing Digitally can help you, check their case studies and don’t hesitate to contact them. 

6) PulseLearning

Established in 1999 in Co. Kerry, Ireland, today PulseLearning has offices located in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia. This award winning global learning solutions provider has extensive experience in creating and customizing learning solutions that combine best practices with organizational culture. Their client list includes many of the “who’s who” in the TechnologyFinanceRetailHospitalityHealth, and Defence sectors. The great thing about this company is their strong belief that the only reason for their clients to invest in their learning solutions is to measurably add value to their business performance including greater productivity, lower overheads, and greater efficiency; and that knowledge workers need to be smart on the job, not just smart during training. PulseLearning’s success is built on mutual trust, long term relationships, and a deep understanding of their clients’ business. PulseLearning’s services include eLearning, mobile learning, localization, gamification, simulations, 3D modeling, ILT, blended learning, learning consultancy, and staff augmentation. This company is a high-energy, client-centric organization that combines excellence in people, process, partners and leverage evolving technologies, and innovation trends. If you want to know more about their solutions, check their project portfolio, or contact them.

7) Allen Communication

An impressive new addition to the list, Allen Communication has led the learning and development industry for the last 35 years, providing pioneering educational strategies, technologies, and analytics for many of the world’s largest companies. With extensive experience across every major industry, Allen’s award-winning projects drive lasting business results. The reason because businesses trust Allen with their most critical projects is that Allen aligns agency-quality media, best-in-class instructional strategy and technology, and a proven design process centered on quantifiable business results. This bold approach results in custom organizational training solutions that help departments scale and achieve more, while improving ROI. It is clear that this company’s people love what they do and clients see the results. Contact Allen to see how training can boost performance and change behavior!

8) G-Cube

Established in July 2000, G-Cube is one of the fastest growing organizations in the Asia Pacific region, offering complete learning technology solutions under one roof. Its holistic solutions range from learning consulting, custom content development, mobile learning solutions, game based learning, and social learning solutions to translation and localization (60+ languages). G-Cube has also won 60+ awards in the last 4 years (!), including the award for their WiZDOM LMS. Known for its thought leadership in learning technology space, G-Cube has contributed to several innovations in the eLearning industry, such as gaming console based learning solutions using Kinect; first HTML5-based Learning Management System to address multi-device challenges, introducing Adaptive Learning in corporate space. Their latest innovation is the introduction of IVR-based learning solutions for the blue collared workforce. G-Cube’s greatest strength is its diverse experience, which has brought with it a close understanding about the workings of the eLearning domain. As an industry, this field has seen a tremendous change in the past few years and the flux is continuous; G-Cube has been a part of this change and has been able to adapt to its changing needs. If you want to know more about this 200+ strong team, contact them here.

9) CCS Digital Education

CCS Digital Education is a leading international provider of custom eLearning content development services and award winning solutions that help their clients empower continuous learning, increase employee engagement, and effectively address their business challenges through improved learning results. CCS has extended experience in developing bespoke eLearning applications enriched with engaging features and gamification elements that boost performance and knowledge. As part of any project they assess learning goals, analyze business requirements, and take part in user experience design, storyboarding, Instructional Design, and content authoring. These efforts are supported by an accomplished team comprising eLearning experts, software engineers, visual designers, voice actors, and animators. CCS’ eLearning solutions are used by large enterprises, government organizations, leading educational and training institutions, and millions of learners around the globe. Oh, and an interesting “detail”: CCS has also created Lykio, the world’s first Learning Motivation Environment designed to make corporate knowledge evolution part of everyone’s working life. Available on any device, Lykio enables learning officers and heads of business to bring just-in-time knowledge to large and dispersed groups of employees. Contact them to know more!

10) Learning Pool

Another dynamic new entry on our list, Learning Pool works in partnership with their customers to deliver the results that they need. This company’s vision is to be the most customer-centric online learning company that drives learning and performance improvement in your organization. Specializing in providing affordable solutions, Learning pool offers a complete service that includes a library of editable content, innovative tools to improve job performance and online Learning Management Systems. Their bespoke content development services deliver fully editable content, allowing customers to update and maintain their eLearning, at no cost, for as long as they want. Learning Pool’s award winning team works closely with each of their customers to deliver high quality service that produces real benefits and tangible returns. In the last year they have delivered learning solutions to 350 organizations across the UK, worked in government, health, hospitality, housing, and the financial sector, and trained more than 1 million people across their customer base! Their unique approach encourages customers to share ideas, exchange best practice, and swap resources inside the Learning Pool community. This approach generates tremendous loyalty, with a retention rate of 97%! This year, Learning Pool received the Customer Focus Award at the Institute of Customer Service, was shortlisted for the eLearning Development Company of the Year, and gained an accolade for Learning Provider of the Year. Do you want to know why? Ask any one of Learning Pool’s hundreds of customers, who include the Houses of Parliament and Jurys Inn, and find out how they’ve delivered a first class experience for their organization and their learners. Oh, and contact them here.

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Top eLearning Content Development Companies For 2015

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