Top 50 Most Popular eLearning Industry Articles For 2019

Top 50 Most Popular eLearning Industry Articles For 2019
Summary: In eLearning Industry, quality articles are the heart of our community. Some articles resonate with our readers to such a degree that they share them with others. These are the 50 most popular eLearning Industry articles for 2019.

The 50 Most-Read Authors Share The Most Popular eLearning Industry Articles

Articles are the bread and butter of eLearning Industry. It's the way we express our professional opinion, the way we participate in the collective global think tank that is eLI and, ultimately, the way we cause the first ripples that cause the big wave of change in the world of EdTech.

The following list consists of the top 50 most popular eLearning Industry articles for the year 2019. Like in 2018, the ranking below is user-generated and based on the following 3 criteria:

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Without further ado, this is our list for 2019:

1. Learning Management Systems As Mobile Apps

Anubha discusses a very important topic: how to choose the best mobile LMS. It’s true that nowadays everything must be mobile compatible, as smartphones have replaced many of the functions of a traditional personal computer. Millennials and members of Generation Z constantly interact with their smart devices, and so using a mobile LMS to have a deeper impact on them makes sense.

By Anubha Goel

Anubha is a senior content writer at G-Cube Solutions. She has an immense passion to excel in her field through active collaboration, innovative thinking, content strategy, and team management. Anubha loves to work in a competitive environment where she can boost her skills and leverage new ideas that yield the double benefit of organizational as well as professional growth.

  • She is an experienced writer with a firm belief in having a consistent, positive learning attitude and scientific temper at work.

2. eLearning Trends Set To Transform Online Learning In 2019

Back in March, Isha predicted the trends that would transform online learning in 2019. She analyzed, among other things, how Artificial Intelligence would be an integral part of the NextGen learning systems, that rich learning analytics will be worthwhile to dive into, why organizations were going to leverage legacy learning content by chunking it into microlearning modules, and the recent rise of the LXP market. Now, with 2019 almost out of the door, it’s plain to see that her predictions were definitely insightful.

By Isha Sood

Isha Sood is a marketer with over eight years of experience in communications. She has really taken a fancy to digital learning and writes about varied topics concerning digital learning as a way to share her experiences and thoughts with the learning community.

  • She has been associated with the Harbinger Group for the last six years.

3. Socrates As A Lifelong Learner In A Digital Age

Dr. Garcia strives to embody the Socratic principle, and she is particularly fond of the Socratic questioning method in her scholarly inquiries. She believes that in his teachings, visions, and quotes, one can trace the roots of critical thinking that characterize a successful, lifelong learner. In her article, she further expands on her world view and her experiences as an eLearning professional. We also share her passion for the study of classical philosophy.


Dr. Garcia's mission is to educate and motivate. She teaches college students, senior adults, USA athletes, and Jr. NBA/WNBA players. Robelyn is a faculty affiliate in the Arizona State University Biomimicry Department, a multidisciplinary professor at Personal Professors Academy, and a post-doc scholar at Harvard University Extension School.

  • Colleagues, family, and friends call Dr. Garcia an academic nomad because she has taught and studied at more than 25 colleges and universities.

4. 5 Ways AI Is Changing The Education Industry

Alyssa discusses how AI is changing the education industry. She focuses on five areas of influence: The simplification of administrative tasks for teachers and academic institutions, the application of smart content in a classroom setting, the application of personalized learning in smart tutoring systems, and the creation of new efficiencies using AI. She also showcases some interesting findings of a study published by eSchool News.

By Alyssa Johnson

Alyssa is an up-and-coming, talented content writer who focuses on the more technical aspects of EdTech.

  • Alyssa thinks that the key to success is focusing on goals, not obstacles.

5. 4 Employee Needs To Incorporate In Your eLearning Design

Ajay presents a very insightful and eye-opening piece, in which he brings to our attention some important employee needs that are often overlooked during the process of eLearning design. He makes an excellent point reminding us how the actual users of our eLearning products, which are the employees, are left out of the conversation. One should never ignore their needs or assume that they will blindly consume whatever is fed to them. Leadership endorsement is, of course, important, but the relationship with the end-user should never have to suffer because of it.

By Ajay Pangarkar, CTDP, FCPA, FCMA

Ajay considers himself a thought-provoker. He pushes people to question everything about what they learn and hear before accepting it as fact. He is a leading workplace performance strategist, a world-renowned author on the topic of workplace performance (Recent book: The Trainer’s Balanced Scorecard), and is an international conference keynote speaker. As a Fellow of the CPA, Ajay first assesses employee performance issues through a business lens. As a result, his research in workplace and employee performance and innovation is breaking boundaries and leading to new streams of thought. His company, CentralKnowledge, collaborates with Fortune 500 clients, helping them to develop innovative and effective performance and training solutions as well as ensuring that every employee skill ties to meeting business and strategic objectives.

  • Ajay lives by one philosophy, “If you’re not living life on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.” Check out his Twitter account, it’s one of the best eLearning Twitter accounts you can find out there—take our word for it.

6. eLearning Graphic Design Best Practices

Graphic design plays a huge role in the readability of an eLearning course and greatly enhances the overall User Experience of the learners. Naveen gives a thorough overview of all the important graphical aspects that form a learning experience and offers his valuable advice on how to make each of these elements help you toward your goal. He covers aspects such as typography, color schemes, image selection, layout, and what to do with the "so commonly misused" whitespace.

By Naveen Neelakandan

Naveen is the chief executive officer at Wizcabin. He helps organizations optimize their eLearning strategy by balancing cost and effectiveness factors. He has dedicated most of his career to finding ways to reduce the time and cost of creating effective eLearning courses. During his career spanning two decades, he has helped hundreds of trainers and L&D teams optimize cost-technology-impact metrics to create engaging eLearning.

  • How does he handle stress at work? By working hard to make customers happy during the day, and he spends his nights writing fantasy novels for kids.

7. 2019 Instructional Design Trends And Learning Trends: The Ecosystem Evolves

In one of the most comprehensive pieces we have ever published about Instructional Design, Danielle provides a mini handbook for the eLearning professional that redefines and explores the ecosystem after the impact of the 2019 ID and learning trends. Not only does she explain which of these trends are the most effective for you and your organization and why you should adopt them as soon as possible, but she also guides you through almost a dozen "sticking points" (every professional’s nightmare) and provides solutions.

By Danielle Hart

With nearly 15 years in the learning industry, Danielle channels her experience in multiple roles, such as instructional writer, project manager, and solution architect. Right now she’s attracting like-minded clients and partners via content marketing and social media as director of marketing at the Top 10 eLearning Content Development company SweetRush.

  • Harnessing her varied skillset is what excites her most. As in, we don’t think she will be out of work soon.

8. The Future Of Online Learning: Modular, Tailored, And Versatile

In the past year, many emerging trends were successfully implemented into the eLearning corpus of work. Dariya’s article predicted the evolution of many of these trends, as well as the transformation of the eLearning market as a whole. She explained the rise in need for microtraining, the effectiveness of video modules, the concept of modular, short eCourses, the importance of continuous personal development and tailored learning paths, how the LMS market keeps growing, and much more. And she was correct, as it is now apparent how standardized approaches keep falling out of favor consistently.

By Dariya Lopukhina

Dariya is an innovative thinker who is currently working as a marketing strategist at Anadea. As an avid writer, learner and tech enthusiast, she enjoys sharing her insights on everything related to technology, learning and learning technology.

  • She is a person of many interests and skills—eLearning implementations, online marketing, dog training, hiking, and fitness are just some of her passions.

9. Can eLearning Prepare You For The Technology Revolution?

As you have seen so far, many of our authors decided to talk about the digital revolution. It’s really impressive how many different eLearning authorities and researchers, living in different parts of the world and leading unique and individual researches, came to conclusions about the future that complement and support each other. Phillip explained some of the more exciting but lesser-known aspects of the changes around us and even won an Editors' Choice badge.

By Philip Piletic

Philip is closely following the impact of technology on education, and its evolution from traditional to modern methods that include eLearning, courses, gamification, and others. He helped Sydney-based IT & Business school with developing their IT courses.

  • Philip believes that quality is not an act but a habit.

10. 8 Top Trends Of Digital Transformation In Higher Education

Danylo focuses on how the digital transformation changes (and is changed by) the way we perceive higher education. He presents and explains many of the terms that are used to define the current state of affairs and predicts the developments in the areas of IoT, blockchain, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Big Data, security, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.

By Danylo Fedirko

Danylo is passionate about digital marketing, however, his focus is on content marketing. He loves sharing his knowledge, and he is a content contributor at eLearningIndustry, HackerNoon, Elearning Adobe, Zest, and GrowthHackers.

  • His motto: "Make the content, bring the client."

11. 2019 EdTech Trends You Should Be Excited About

Brandon is excited about the new ways educators engage their audience, as he explains in this article. He supports the use of smartboards as an educational tool and believes that Artificial Intelligence will continue to thrive within educational settings. He also suggests that blockchain technology will be used in Massive Open Online Courses and ePortfolios as a means of verification and that learning analytics will start expanding at a very fast pace before the year’s end. Finally, he supports openly adaptive learning and praises the many benefits customized instructions have over earlier formats.

By Brandon Jarman

Brandon Jarman is a freelance writer based out of Salt Lake City. To keep up with his latest work or to contact him, follow him on Twitter @BrandonJarman4

  • Besides being an amazing content creator, father, and husband, Brandon also loves tacos!

12. How To Choose The Best Instructional Design Tools

The first time a trainee gets to design their own course is an important, precious moment. Nikos understands this and provides newcomers with all the necessary tools to perform flawlessly from their very first project. He mentions various content authoring tools that can help with multiple content formats as well as many valuable video recording tools. Nikos also discusses issues such as the choice of the appropriate LMS, how important are live webinar tools, and how to communicate and share files effectively.

By Nikos Andriotis

Nikos Andriotis has a degree in Informatics and almost two decades of professional experience in education, IT and eLearning. His writings have been published on numerous tech industry outlets.

  • Nikos thinks that a "well done" is much more important than a "well said."

13. 6 Common Mistakes When Creating Online Learning

It’s easy to make a mistake when creating online learning content. By utilizing a bit of well-applied Pareto, Dustin attempts to explain the most crucial ones. Neglecting to keep it simple is an extremely common symptom of ill-designed content, as is the neglection of the necessary repetition that would help users remember something better. Lengthy content is also problematic, as it doesn’t work well with shorter attention spans, and so is audience-agnostic content as it may come across as impersonal and disengaging. Also, there is usually not enough importance given to the learner’s own experience.

By Dustin Elliott

Dustin Elliott is a business consultant at Wyzed. He leverages his extensive experience working at the intersection of HR and technology to help Wyzed's clients ensure that they can effectively integrate the Wyzed platform into their business to solve the problems they're facing today and in the future.

  • Dustin is also the host of the "Better Questions Better Life Podcast."

14. Mobile Learning Facts You Didn’t Know As An L&D Manager

Mobile learning is now an integral part of corporate training. In her article, Monica presents several concepts that should be considered when incorporating mobile technologies into the adult learning environment.

By Monica Savage

Monica Savage is the president of Obsidian Technical Communications. In lieu of a traditional bio, here are some words that she feels describe her or have importance in her life: extraordinary, curious, challenging, agile, eLearning, blended learning, SharePoint solutions, expertise cultivation, operations management, leadership.

  • Monica believes in being proactive, as often "later" comes too late.

15. 4 eLearning Trends For 2019

At the very beginning of the year, Irina successfully predicted the various trends of 2019. She suggested that AR and VR would continue to break the barriers, that AI was becoming a normal thing, the continuing rise of visual content, how mobile learning was becoming a must-have, and she shared some incredible advice from various eLearning experts.

By Irina Vysokomornaya

Irina Vysokomornaya is a marketing coordinator for ISPRING SOLUTIONS.

  • Irina likes to remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.

16. 6 eLearning Trends: What Can We Expect Going Into 2019 And Beyond?

Back in February, Marina took it upon herself to acquaint (or perhaps reacquaint) us with various emerging trends. She highlighted the importance of microlearning and the ever-growing market for it, explained how AI can be used to assist learning, explored the benefits of gamification and game-based learning, showcased the differences between Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality, presented the numbers behind the dominance of video content, and evangelized the implementation of Big Data.

By Marina Arshavskiy

Marina is a professional Instructional Designer and eLearning writer. She uses customized and personalized strategies and approaches that align with the needs of learners. Throughout her career, Marina has worked with over 30 organizations and government agencies to help them craft interactive scenarios and simulations, write video-scripts, create training manuals and guides, and script and storyboard their eLearning courses. Her credentials include a Master of Arts degree in Instructional Design and a Kirkpatrick Bronze Level certified training evaluation professional.

  • Marina is the author of the Instructional Design for eLearning and the Agile eLearning Development books.

17. No, We Cannot Look Everything Up

In this revolutionary, original piece, Patti explains the fine balance between our analog and digital skills. The fact that now searching is a lot faster than the past doesn’t mean that we are better at conducting it or using the results that we find. Her thought-provoking analysis of the dynamics of this blended experience is innovative and concise.

By Patti Shank

Patti Shank Ph.D. is a learning expert, researcher, author, and facilitator who is listed as one of the most influential people in workplace learning, internationally. She was an organizational L&D leader and is widely recognized as a learning designer and analyst. Patti authored numerous books and articles and teaches workshops for learning professionals. Her recent articles are found in eLearning Industry and elsewhere. She speaks regularly at learning and training conferences.

  • "My superpower is analyzing research. I'm passionate about turning my analysis into easy-to-apply learning tactics that improve learning outcomes. "

18. Teaching Empathy In An Online Class

In her piece about teaching empathy in online classrooms, Vallarie presents empathy as a learnable skill that is the foundation of strong communication, collaboration, leadership, and relationship-building. She explains why designers and educators should embed lessons in empathy in their courses and how to teach empathy effectively online.

By Vallarie Josephine Sevilla

With almost 20 years of experience in online learning and educational content development, Val is a distinguished leader in the field. She earned her M.Ed with honors in Instruction & Curriculum and is currently employed by York County School District as well as Christopher Newport University. Val aims to improve quality and accessibility in distance learning. She designed all the content and the curriculum for four complex, online language courses and is currently co-constructing a blended learning platform for English language learners. She is passionate about world language education and inspiring others to explore the world by taking a language class.

  • Learn more about how language classes open doors and minds at Val's blog,

19. The Future Of IoT In 2019

Parija believes that IoT will keep evolving as time moves forward. She senses that, not too far in the future, all innovations will have a form of IoT attached to them. Her article tries to describe a framework in which urban communities cooperate with each other.

By Parija Rangnekar

Parija has 15+ years of experience in working closely with early and mid-level ventures, assisting them in developing a business plan, formulating strategies, building operational efficiencies, and developing a go-to-market and channel strategy. Specialties: entrepreneurship, business development, IoT, Project Management, business model innovation, planning and execution of web and mobile app development.

  • Parija prefers to focus on being "productive, rather than busy."

20. Artificial Intelligence Enhances The Learning Process: How Is That Possible?

In her piece about Artificial Intelligence, Radhika states that AI-based learning not only makes the process of learning a lot easier but that it also produces a significant amount of data. Additionally, data from AI can be further analyzed in order to benefit learners and organizations alike.

By Radhika Yadav

Radhika is a hard-working, intrinsically motivated content creator who strives to make a difference for small, medium or large-scale enterprises.

  • "Do something today and your future self will thank you for it."

21. To Read Or Not To Read: Text In An Online World

In one more Editors' Choice article, Mary poses an intriguing question: How exactly does text fit in the digital world? In order to find the answer, she shares some of the challenges associated with text-based content and design and instructional strategies to address such challenges.

By Mary Burns

Mary Burns has been involved in online learning since 2001 as an instructor, designer, evaluator, and learner. Working on every continent, Mary helps schools, universities, ministries of Education, and United States aid agencies design and deliver high-quality, professional learning to teachers, teacher educators, and school principals. Her work has received numerous awards for excellence, and she serves as a peer reviewer for 3 educational technology journals. She has published prolifically on educational technology.

  • "I get to travel across the globe and work with amazing, caring teachers. I cannot think of a better job."

22. Gamification Trends In 2019 - Ideas And Tips

A topic that always piques the interest of our authors is gamification. Asha explains that gamification for serious learning has been used for nearly a decade but there is still a question mark on its impact and ROI. In her article, she outlines the value it offers and lists 5 key gamification trends, packed with tips and ideas you can use.

By Asha Pandey

Asha Pandey is the chief learning strategist at EI Design. She heads the organization’s solution architecting and innovation team and brings her rich 18 years’ experience into play to help EI Design customers transform their learning and keep pace with the changing dynamics in the learning industry. Asha has used a number of groundbreaking learning initiatives to fulfill the learning needs of EI Design’s customers worldwide (spanning across 26 different verticals and 24 countries). Currently, she is leading research on establishing the behavioral change taxonomy for online learning.

  • Asha’s insights are based on her practical experience (with over 10,500 hours of online training delivered). She is able to pinpoint what works and what doesn’t and, more importantly, how and why.

23. 5 Examples Of VR Training Solutions To Increase ROI

Andrew wrote about the exciting applications of immersive VR in training. He reviews 5 examples of companies that have already implemented this learning tool and shares the success they have seen.

By Andrew Hughes

Designing Digitally, Inc. specializes in creating custom online learning solutions that are designed to improve corporate training. Each unique development is tailored to the individual needs of their clients to meet their specific learning goals.

  • What is one of Andrew's many secrets to success? Put yourself in your customer's place.

24. Planning To Adopt Microlearning? 5 Microlearning Assets And How To Use Them

Microlearning has a macro-impact on the development of individuals and organizations alike. Ayesha writes about how whenever there are many microlearning assets, their effectiveness all comes down to how well these are put to use for online learning. In her article, she discusses how 5 popular microlearning assets can be used in the training framework to get the best results.

By Ayesha Habeeb Omer

Dr. Ayesha Habeeb Omer is the COO and co-founder of CommLab India. A hands-on, energetic leader, she has her pulse on daily operations. Her unrelenting drive and enthusiasm inspire the team to give their best and never waver from their commitment toward customer satisfaction. Ayesha focuses equally on ensuring that the CommLab India team is happy and has a positive work environment. With over 20 years of experience in training and eLearning, she holds an MBA, a Ph.D. in eLearning, and an Advanced eLearning Instructional Design Certificate from ATD. She is an avid reader and personal productivity, leadership, and health and wellness are close to her heart.

  • What drives her? Her focus on customer delight and grooming fresh talent to grow into new responsibilities.

25. Why Adults Struggle To Learn A Second Language

It’s no secret, it’s easier to learn a foreign language when you are younger. Why though? And is there a way to change that and make adults as efficient as children in learning a new language? Arkady definitely believes so and explains it thoroughly in his article.

By Arkady Zilberman

Arkady Zilberman is a seasoned inventor having to his credit six patents in Russia and eight US patents. After many years of experimenting and researching how adults learn English, Arkady made a few discoveries described on his website and in his eBook: Speak Fluent English. Arkady believes that the method of Subconscious Training English skills ensures ten times faster acquisition of English than by conventional conscious learning.

  • His first US patent on learning languages was issued in 2002; the latest patent was issued in 2017.

26. Artificial Intelligence In Education

It’s apparent by now that AI is a favorite topic among authors and users alike. According to Fatima, educationalists all around the world, anticipate the role of AI in education to increase dramatically in the next few years, and her article thoroughly explains her predictions about it.

By Fatima Rashid

Fatima Rashid is an educational technology consultant at McGraw-Hill Education. She graduated B.Tech in Computer Science from BITS, Pilani and also holds a Master's Degree in Educational Studies from the University of Wollongong in Dubai.

  • Fatima always tries to deliver more than expected.

27. Evaluate Value For Money LMS In Free Trial/Demo

LMS testing is one of the things I love in this industry. It allows you to experience the system before purchasing it and gives the power back to you, the consumer. In my article, I offer you 5 tips that will help you make the most out of your LMS free trial.

By Christopher Pappas

Christopher Pappas is the founder of the eLearning Industry, which is the largest online community of professionals involved in the eLearning field. Christopher holds an MBA and an M.Ed (Learning Design) from BGSU.

  • I can't do a teaser about myself, so instead I'd like to thank our wonderful authors and readers for their never-wavering support.

28. How To Create Effective Storyboards For eLearning

Another Editors' Choice, this time from Vesela, discussing the topic of storyboarding. It’s definitely not an easy process, but it’s a much-needed skill for everyone wishing to become a successful Instructional Designer. Her piece really helps newcomers get acquainted with this concept.

By Vesela Georgieva

Vesela is an eLearning specialist with 6+ years of experience in eLearning content creation, Instructional Design, eLearning design and development, and eLearning copywriting. She likes to combine learning theories and methodologies with modern tools and concepts to create personalized and easy-to-use eLearning solutions. Currently, Vesela is working as an Instructional Designer at Nuvolo.

  • Vesela likes to spend her free time in the company of her closest people (and dogs). She is a book, music, movie and coffee lover.

29. Using A Gamified Approach To Learning

Janet discusses how gamification can be used to make learning more effective and engaging. This approach, however, is not an easy one to get right—that’s why she covers possible pitfalls.

By Janet Benson

Janet holds an MSc in Digital Education from the University of Edinburgh, and she focused on game-based learning in the workplace as part of her MSc dissertation. She regularly speaks at conferences and industry events on gamification and game-based learning. She has worked in Learning and Development in a variety of roles and with a number of large multinational organizations. She is interested in helping solve the problems that L&D faces.

  • As a huge Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes fan who has studied forensic science, she likes to train that magnifying glass on learning!

30. Customer Training: Why Does Learning Experience Change Everything?

In one of the most unexpected pieces we had the pleasure of receiving, Brendan turns the tables and reverses the framework used to train employees by motioning us to train our customers. It’s true, customer training isn’t like compliance training, for example, but the concept of learning experience strongly applies to it and basically transforms the entire dynamic, as he thoroughly explains in his article.

By Dr. Brendan Moloney

Dr. Brendan Moloney specializes in academic and corporate eLearning. He is interested in LX, LMSs, custom course development and design, and Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality. He is an active eLearning supporter and set up the popular LinkedIn community, Learning Experience (LX). Brendan has a Ph.D. in Education from the University of Melbourne and is the founder/CEO of the Darlo Group.

  • Brendan set up a LinkedIn Group on Learning Experience (LX) to help professionals share their passions in LX.

31. Technologies Which Have Caused A Paradigm Shift In The eLearning Sector

Amit Gupta believes that eLearning is not even close to fulfilling its potential. He feels the paradigm shifting every single day, moving closer and closer to making the eLearning approach part of mainstream education. He presents the technologies he feels made a difference and discusses what challenges still lie ahead.

By Amit Gupta

Amit Gupta is a Project Management professional with over 18 years of industrial cross-functional exposure. MDS is a leading software development company that deals with IT services like web development, mobile development, game development, IoT, chatbots, DevOps, and more.

  • Amit Gupta is very passionate about exploring new opportunities in his field.

32. Embrace Artificial Intelligence In The Workplace

Amit Gautam focuses on Artificial Intelligence and how organizations and employees alike can embrace it.

By Amit Gautam

As an eLearning professional with 20+ years of experience, Amit has played a key role in bringing an innovative approach to the traditional LMS and has been instrumental in putting UpsideLMS on the global map. He leads the technology solutions team, orchestrates the sales and marketing operations while acting as a consultant to clients, enabling them to make the LMS initiative a success.

  • Amit Gautam feels that success is the best motivation.

33. Virtual Reality In Onboarding

Virtual Reality in digital learning is no doubt a trending topic, but hype often hides various dangers regarding bad implementation and design. Maria discusses how this technology can specifically be meaningfully used during the onboarding process and how can you make the most of it.

By Maria Walther

Maria is a learning inspirer and managing director at Walther Learning Solutions.

  • Her professional code reflects the values she truly believes in.

34. Authoring Tools For Learners With Disabilities

A topic that all too often is left out of eLearning discussions is the matter of accessible learning. Designing in order to include people with diverse ethnicities or disabilities can be challenging. Thankfully, Parvati provides us with a list of useful hints in order to make our content as accessible as possible.

By Parvati Prabha

Prabha applies her knowledge and skills acquired through her varied experiences for designing and development of instructional material. Through her past commitments, she has contributed to the development of quality online learning courses and supporting materials for various clients across the globe, covering a wide range of domains.

  • She likes to keep the heart in her business and the business in her heart.

35. How To Design Learner-First Training

Learner-first training is a simple concept; in the designing of the learning experience, the learner comes first and is always in the spotlight. This notion may seem intuitive, but the truth is that numerous organizations do not follow it. Alastair not only explains the principles behind learner-first training but also provides a short and concise guide on how to apply it effectively.

By Alastair Simpson

Alastair is the head of growth at Coassemble, sharing learnings from designing digital training strategies for some of the world's leading businesses.

  • Besides having a vast wealth of knowledge about his niche, Alastair also has an AMAZING sneaker collection.

36. How Instagram Сan Сontribute Τo eLearning In 2019

When we are thinking about social media that go hand in hand with eLearning applications, Instagram isn’t one that comes to mind readily. Should it, though? Mary has some ground-breaking ideas about this and explains them wonderfully in this article.

By Mary Atamaniuk

Mary is an empathetic content marketer. She has over 3 years of experience in copywriting and content management and a strong knowledge of marketing techniques. She is passionate about eLearning, blogging, and inbound marketing.

  • "My niche is Empathetic Marketing—in other words, marketing considers your audience before your messaging."

37. Mobile Tutoring Apps Vs. Traditional Tutoring: How Children Benefit From An eLearning Approach

Today's digital-age students have greater access than ever before to a range of mobile applications designed to act as supplemental educational resources. Courtney is exploring the benefits of these platforms and why they're eclipsing even traditional tutoring in terms of convenience and personalization

By Courtney Myers

An online student turned educational industry professional, Courtney has 11 years of experience researching, navigating and developing innovative solutions centered on bridging the gap between UX and eLearning.

  • She's passionate about discovering new startup trends and helping fellow business owners succeed across myriad industry verticals.

38. Use Immersive Learning To Transform Your Training

It’s true that even heavily digitalized training experiences can get a bit boring. User engagement is often not a matter of medium but of design. This is where immersive learning comes into play. Sonia explains what are the principles behind it, how it can be seamlessly implemented with other design elements and how it can change the way you engage your learners.

By Sonia Patel

Sonia is a highly motivated and creative marketing and content specialist looking to develop within the marketing industry. She is a quick learner and easily adaptable to new and challenging scenarios. She isn't only a team-player but also a confident decision-maker and communicator dedicated to learning more to succeed in her role.

  • Sonia advises that if you want to change your results, you must change your way of thinking.

39. How Chatbots Could Be The Future Of Learning

The recent improvements in the underlying technology of chatbots have made it so that it is really hard to distinguish between robots and humans. Does that mean that they can help with corporate training? Greg believes that the answer to this and the key to efficient, happy employees, is in conversational training.

By Greg Blackburn

Greg is an expert in eLearning, adult learning theory and what modern corporate training looks like. As a technology enthusiast, academic author, and manager within the Learning and Development field, Greg helps people and companies unleash their true potential by exploring how modern digital learning techniques surpass conventional brick and mortar classroom teaching. eLearning allows new learning interactions previously not deemed possible. Greg just completed a Ph.D. in Professional Education and holds an MBA.

  • A technology-loving globetrotter who believes that learning is a journey that should be meaningful for everyone—lives in Germany with his wife, two daughters and their cat (Leo).

40. 5 Digital Trends That Will Shape Education In 2019

Zubair discussed five ideas that have had a big impact on the field of eLearning in 2019. He explains how the Internet of Things can change student/instructor dynamics, the availability of projects that already make Augmented Reality friendly to use for educational purposes, ways to keep students digitally safe, the impact of personalized learning, and the fundamental concepts behind redesigning learning spaces.

By Zubair Hussain Khan

Zubair Khan is a foodie by choice and tech enthusiast by profession. He loves to get his hands into modern technology trends and share the knowledge with everyone. He is currently working full-time for D3Squad as a digital marketing executive. Aside from the work-life, Zubair loves to travel to new places and explore nature.

  • Zubair loves many things, but food is still his first love!

41. Organizational Culture Transformation Best Practices

In organizational culture transformation, one size does not fit all. In this insightful article, Ashley Munday details 5 different approaches to the journey of transformation. Which one is right for you depends on your leadership, your team, and the specific challenges you face. No matter which approach you take, when selecting your facilitation team, make sure that their process makes good sense to you.

By Ashley Munday

As a strategist, facilitator, consultant, and coach, Ashley navigates complex human dynamics and charts a clear course forward for culture and change initiatives. Her work has been featured on Deepak Chopra’s radio show, in Forbes, Fast Company, and at TEDx.

  • A dynamic, life-loving person, she reads Ken Wilber books as bedtime stories and loves nothing more than hiking through tree-covered mountains with her husband and son.

42. Adult Learning Explained In A Simplified Manner

It is said that you don’t really understand a complex subject until you are able to explain it in a simple manner. This is exactly what David has achieved with this submission. Adult learning is as complicated as adults are and just as diverse. He does, however, a wonderful job defining and explaining the underlying principles in a language and tone that are both accurate and easy to understand.

By David Castaneda

David is an experienced and innovative leader (designer, educator, manager, producer) in online education, motivated by the creation of meaningful educational experiences for students online and offline. He is especially interested in the strategic delivery of online learning systems that help students engage in long-term learning in their many social contexts.

  • David specializes in creating learning experiences that match our experience of a digitally augmented world.

43. Why Does Blended Learning Work?

Chris defined blended learning as the term that describes the instructional approach that combines more conventional face-to-face methods with eLearning aspects. A blended learning program can be quite challenging to design and apply, as it requires a wide range of instructional tools and methods and enables the instructor to deploy more tailor-made tactics for each specific learning objective.

By Chris Khouri

Chris Khouri has 10 plus years of experience across Wall Street, including stints at Goldman Sachs before he developed his passion for Learning and Development. Chris’s main motivation is to ensure AllenComm’s clients receive an outstanding and tailored L&D product to a specific business need.

  • He enjoys Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, golf, and coffee in the mornings with his family.

44. Fail-Safe: The Needed Paradigm Shift, Part 2

In the second part of his “Fail-Safe” series, Ken discusses how the paradigm in training culture needs to change. His suggestions on how each organization can begin dealing proactively with this change include change of mindset in corporate learning, a re-examination of the role played by the CLO, the appointment of a learning principles officer, the incorporation of AI into the company’s learning activities, and the careful cultivation of informal learning opportunities.

By Ken Turner

Ken is an explorer and innovator at heart who would like to see the continued advancement of virtual education for all ages. He would like to incorporate gaming theory and virtual simulation modeling into online curriculum design.

  • Ken hates lengthy, monotonous slide presentations.

45. Story Mapping In eLearning Development

Olivia’s article promotes the implementation of story mapping. Story mapping is an agile method for developing eLearning courses. It involves describing the user’s journey through the eLearning course, which builds a simple model. The model clearly describes the steps along the way so that you can delve into the motivations, behaviors, and goals of your audience.

By Olivia Diaz

For the past five years, Olivia has been working as a senior business analyst at eTatvaSoft. Throughout her 10 years of tenure, she has succeeded in creating a reputation for developing business strategies, incubating new business models, and what not! Apart from this, she has fed her keen interest in emerging market investing, blogging and content marketing.

  • Olivia believes that a good business strategy is the water and nutrients that help the little seed that is your business grow into an almighty tree.

46. How Machine Learning, Intelligent Dialogue, And eMentoring Impact eLearning

Machine learning, intelligent dialogue, and eMentoring are relatively new trends but, according to Felix, they already had a significant impact on eLearning. Felix provides very clear definitions of the terms, explains thoroughly all the evolutionary steps that brought us to this point in time, and clearly illustrates the dynamics between the different technologies.

By Felix Hamza-Lup

Felix Hamza-Lup is a professor of computer science with over 20 years of teaching and research experience. He is directing the Network Enabled Work-Spaces laboratory, focusing on research on human cognition, human-computer/data interaction, haptics, Web3D, and eLearning. Felix is also an advocate of international collaborations and a Fulbright fellow. He has published more than 100 research articles in international journals and conference proceedings and implemented research projects sponsored by NASA, NSF, MD Anderson Foundation and the European Union.

  • He loves nature and praises its amazing, complex simplicity.

47. The Power Of Feedback In eLearning

Zsolt attempts to explain and unlock the true power of feedback in eLearning. By clarifying and redefining feedback on a conceptual level, Zsolt takes us through multiple scenarios, both real and hypothetical, in order to explain the proper methods and their nuances.

By Zsolt Olah

Zsolt Olah is a creative learning consultant at Kineo with over 15 years of L&D experience. Zsolt is a frequent speaker at learning conferences on the subject of engagement and game thinking for L&D. He is also the author of the book Engage the WORL&D!, exploring six essential traits of Instructional Design.

  • One food he really enjoys? Patatas bravas.

48. 5 Mobile Learning Trends For 2019 & Impact On L&D

Mobile learning is Alice’s field of expertise, so her opinion on the mobile learning trends of 2019 is very valuable. She highlighted mobile-responsiveness, video-based learned, knowledge-sharing, User-Generated Content, on-demand learning, point-of-need learning, and personalized learning paths.

By Alice Rowan

Alice is a content manager, author and aspiring academic.

  • Her New Year Resolution for 2019 was to read 50 books, and she is almost there.

49. How Should We Assess Corporate Learning In 2019? The Benefits Of Formative Assessment

Lauri’s “Editors' Choice” winning article about corporate learning explores the benefits of formative assessment. He believes that wherever there's learning, there should be an assessment. However, not all assessments are created equal. The prevalent methods of evaluation provide little useful information about actual learning. His article offers a look at formative assessment and how it helps corporate learners, L&D, and businesses alike.

By Lauri Sulanto

A workplace learning strategist and technologist, Lauri leads Learning Crafters in designing meaningful and relevant corporate learning. Lauri sees that corporate Learning and Development sometimes loses sight of the real problems, but believes that emphasis on pedagogy, empathetic design practices, and learner-centricity can get us back on track.

  • Lauri sometimes drives clients, partners and colleagues crazy with the question “why?”, but that’s just his way of trying to understand and solve the never-ending challenge that we call learning.

50. 6 Ways To Find Design Inspiration For Your eLearning Course

And finally, our list for 2019 is completed by some solid advice on how to find inspiration by Debadrita Sengupta. Her techniques are tried and true and guaranteed to help you even in the most stagnant times of your creativity.

By Debadrita Sengupta

Debadrita is currently building an organization with a clear focus on quality, on-time delivery, and best TCO. She is presently helping multiple organizations to fulfill their learning objectives.

  • She is a stern supporter of the old saying "Actions, not words."


I hope you enjoyed this list. Again, if you want to be a part of this list next year, I highly encourage you to publish an eLearning article!

Until next time.