Top eLearning Content Providers For Blended Learning

There comes a time to separate the wheat from the chaff. This is exactly what we have done here too when it comes to content providers for blended learning. This hybrid approach of blended learning varies immensely along the whole eLearning field. With a variety of different companies offering different services. We have attempted to extrapolate who are the true masters of interactivity and innovation in eLearning. Keep reading if you want to find out who made it to our top 20 list eLearning content providers.

The Top eLearning Content Providers For Blended Learning

As we are always on the lookout for new advancements and trends in the eLearning field, we have decided to research content providers who provide blended learning—keeping in account a broad diversity of criteria, strengths, and advantages of individual companies and services. We like to consider ourselves as community leaders at eLearning Industry, due to our extensive experience in the field and our crystal clear perspective on the entire eLearning market. This is our first attempt at compiling a list of top-notch content providers who provide blended learning. As always, we focused on expertise, authority, the purpose of integrated tools, dexterity, interactivity, gamification options, and many more subcategories.

As a result, in the process of discovering amongst who the top performers are across a variety of categories, we sought after innovative businesses within the eLearning landscape. Businesses that actualize true utility for their clients, continually develop their eLearning experience when it comes to blended learning.

For this new list of the top eLearning content providers for blended learning 2019, we chose and ranked the best blended learning companies in the industry based on the following criteria:

  • eLearning quality
  • Customer reviews
  • eLearning expertise
  • Niche specialization
  • eLearning industry innovation
  • Company’s social responsibility

Maintaining a consistently high level of performance requires unique capabilities. These 20 companies are not driven simply by commercial success, but by something much more thorough. Being enabled by their drive to become the best in their field offering professional expertise and high-quality products to ultimately facilitate flawless experiences for their clients. These 20 companies have a robust and purpose-driven roadmap when it comes to the content they provide. They put exceptional care and expertise into their ongoing progress, and offer superb blended learning experiences.

Don't waste any time by going online and looking for the perfect content provider for blended learning for you or your company. We have done all of the work for you.

We would like to present the "Top eLearning Content Providers For Blended Learning 2019."


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1. Commlab India

CommLab India offers rapid eLearning solutions leveraging its expertise in Instructional Design, authoring tools, and global Project Management. They understand the challenges organizations face in rolling out training programs quickly and offer them online learning solutions in the form of:

  • eLearning
  • Blended learning
  • Microlearning
  • Digital job aids

Right from identifying where blended learning can help to pick the right content and designing the right assets, they offer comprehensive services for streamlined blended Learning and Development. They combine Instructional Design principles with authoring tool expertise to deliver memorable learning experiences.

Check Commlab India's customer reviews here!

2. EI Design


EI Design is a leading Learning and Performance Support solutions provider. Their practice of blended training delivery is over 17 years old. They offer a unique step-by-step toolkit that you can use to successfully convert your ILT program to a high-impact blended training program.

Through their blended solutions consulting service, they offer tips, best practices, and change management support to further optimize the transition. Do contact them to see how they can help.

Check EI Design's customer reviews here!

3. AllenComm

AllenComm is a leading custom training solutions provider. They partner with top brands to create unique and innovative learning solutions. A combination of deep Instructional Design experience, innovative learning technologies, and agency-level creative teams, coupled with a design and development system enables AllenComm to understand clients and their learners’ needs and objectives.

AllenComm develops blended learning that delivers the right mix of eLearning, classroom instruction, coaching, tools, resources, and apps.

Check AllenComm's customer reviews here!

4. Sweetrush


SweetRush has captured a singular space in the industry. Clients trust SweetRush and love its culture of caring and commitment, and its uniquely effective solutions that connect with and motivate learners. The majority of the learning solutions SweetRush creates are blended, combining multiple delivery modalities to engage learners in different ways. Blended learning programs are designed by SweetRush to inspire and motivate learners, and keep attention high throughout to ensure they acquire knowledge, skills, and behaviors and ultimately retain what they learned. From analysis, design thinking, and solution design to all facets of blended learning (eLearning, ILT/vILT, games, mobile/responsive, microlearning, social learning, and now VR/AR), SweetRush delivers the industry’s best-in-performance improvement—along with change management, cultural transformation, and staff augmentation services. The SweetRush team believes who they are is just as important to you as what they do, and it is this combination that has earned them the trust and loyalty of the world’s most successful companies.

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5. Obsidian Learningtop-elearning-content-providers-blended-learning

They design and develop custom blended learning programs that are spread out over time, occurring at the point of need, and focused on competency development. They develop a variety of learning experiences using a variety of media – instructor-led training (classroom and virtual), web-based training, motion graphics, Performance SupportTools, communities of practice – which lead to increased learner engagement and build vital technology-mediated collaboration skills.

Check Obsidian's customer reviews here!

6. InfoPro Learning


Infopro Learning has over 2 decades of blended learning expertise. They have experience creating content across almost every modality and device imaginable. Their dual-shore model makes them an obvious choice for most of their Fortune 1000 customers that need content to be on the cutting edge, but also needs to come in under budget. They also assist companies with a large global presence to localize content across various languages and learner personas to deliver a more personalized learning experience.

Check InfoPro's customer reviews here!

7. Inno-Versity LLC


Inno-Versity is an in-house, full-house team of learning experts based in the United States. They provide custom learning services for companies and educational institutions around the world in many different languages. One of the most effective ways to teach is by using blended learning. They are able to create a powerful learning experience by combining both Instructor-Led Training and online instruction. Through the use of their formal Needs Assessment and Learning Blueprint process, they work with clients to determine how to craft learning materials that effectively develop their people. Their blended approach allows them to use a wider range of learning tools, enabling them to create custom solutions for each specific learning objective. Learners experience the advantage of self-directed study without sacrificing the benefits of Instructor-Led Training.

Check Innoversity's customer reviews here!

8. Cinecraft Productionstop-elearning-content-providers-blended-learning

Cinecraft is a leading producer of custom learning solutions. They specialize in creating blended experiences that are performance-focused and learner-centric. They have been motion-picture storytellers for more than 75 years. At Cinécraft, they produce custom content HD video, develop eLearning and mobile learning courses, Instructor-Led Training, Virtual Instructor-Led Training, Performance Support Tools and design high-end animation to support the goals of Fortune 1000 companies and medium-to-large-sized businesses.

They specialize in telling stories using motion. In the blended learning strategies, they provide their clients they include scenarios, simulations, and game mechanics that aid in learner comprehension and retention.

Check Cinecraft's customer reviews here!

9. Learnnovators



Learnnovators is a multiple-award-winning organization that specializes in the design and development of custom eLearning solutions for the workplace. Since 2003, they’ve been helping clients address skill and performance gaps in their workforce by crafting tailor-made solutions that are aligned with their business goals. Learnnovators’ services include custom eLearning, microlearning, mobile learning, gamified learning, blended learning, localization, and Moodle customization.

Check Learnnovators customer reviews here!

10. Dashe & Thomson

Dashe & Thomson is a full-service Learning and Development consulting company with a focus on designing and developing learning solutions for organizations nationwide. Their mission is to ensure that learners have the knowledge and skill required to perform their roles confidently and proficiently. Therefore, their solutions are informed by their understanding of who the client’s employees and customers are, as well as the messages they are trying to communicate and the audiences they are trying to reach. All their designs are founded on adult and modern learning principles, such as blended learning, based on prior experiences, and client organizations’ unique strengths and challenges. Their award-winning blended learning solutions are custom-built to fit each client’s needs.

Check Dashe's customer reviews here!

11. Monarch Media

Monarch Media helps people and organizations reach their full potential through inspired and innovative learning experiences. Since 1997, the Monarch team has been known for their ability to apply both the science and the art of learning design to arrive at end-to-end solutions that optimize learning outcomes, User Experience, and the latest technologies. Monarch’s blended learning solutions are designed to leverage the strengths of both online learning and in-person instruction.

Monarch believes cross-disciplinary perspectives fuel innovation, which is why you’ll find them working across education, government, nonprofit, and corporate sectors.

Above all, their partnerships are built upon personalized service, a flexible approach, reliable results, a stable team, and trust.

Check Monarch Media's customer reviews here!

12. eWyse

eWyse has been working on a lot of large-scale blended learning projects, where they provided their clients with the entire solution and a stress-free journey towards it. They start by creating the entire architecture of the project, curriculum, where they decide on what will be presented in a classroom way, and what over the eLearning. Since they have a background in education and F2F trainings, they put a great emphasis on this, because if this has a natural learning curve, the entire program will be successful. They conduct all the necessary research—whether it is reading their clients' PDFs, PPTs, talking to their SMEs; or by finding SMEs and content ourselves. (They are agile and flexible, and can answer to any request.) After that, their team of learning architects, trainers and copywriters work on the creation of trainer's manuals, participants guides, presentations, and other visual materials. Simultaneously to that, their eLearning designers and developers are creating eLearning courses.

Check eWyse's customer reviews here!

13. Kineo

Kineo is a leading global provider of custom digital learning solutions that are designed first to impact business results and achieve operational greatness, and second to elevate organizational capability and performance to enable teams to realize more than they thought possible. They push their clients to think outside the boundaries of traditional Learning and Development practices to achieve the highest levels of innovation to transform individual potential into organizational strength. They do so through their proprietary design, development and implementation process.

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14. Rio Learning

While an online learning environment provides ease, affordability, and control to the learner, traditional learning boasts of effective communication and a more personalized approach. At Rio, they understand that a good blended learning solution can only be the result of a perfect handshake between the traditional learning approaches and their innovative, digital learning counterparts. With the dynamically changing landscape in education & learning, one needs to be not just “with it” but “ahead of it.”

Over the last four years, since its inception, Rio has worked across four continents, delivered more than 350 eLearning hours and over 1.25 million pages worth of content. At RIO, they create solutions that cater to a variety of industries—from education to publishing, travel to hospitality, automobile to heavy industry, and also banking and finance, for they believe that across varied industries, there is one common thread—learning.

Check Rio's customer reviews here!

15. Third Term INC

Tailor-made solutions designed specifically to meet your needs and achieve your business goals. They create eLearning courses, developing custom-built courses where they come up with a solution that meets your specific needs, taking into account each company’s culture, training context, audience, and source material.

Check Third Term INC's customer reviews here!

16. Allen Interactions

They design custom learning solutions specific to your organization’s needs. Their studios partner with you to create custom learning experiences that are meaningful, memorable and motivational for your learners. They have developed tools including Savvy Start, their Agile Development Process, SAM Design Model to build learning solutions with you, not just for you. -

They’ve helped hundreds of ­organizations effect major performance change—from building simulation kitchens for short order cooks to engaging scenario-based software training and everything in between.­­ They work with varying budgets and technologies, talk to us about your organization’s custom training needs.

Check Allen Interactions' customer reviews here!

17. GRC Solutions


GRC Solutions is a leading provider of market-ready and bespoke compliance training and specialized learning platforms. Launched in 2103 as an innovative alternative to traditional compliance training, they have worked with hundreds of organizations to assist in the development of training in the vital areas of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC). In addition to their team of award-winning editors and designers, they maintain in-house trainers, Subject Matter Experts, and specialist lawyers.

Check GRC Solutions' customer reviews here!

18. Hurix

Hurix Systems is a content and mobility solutions provider. They build, distribute and manage compelling and engaging digital content across traditional and newer mobile platforms, formats and devices. Hurix helps organizations from across the world achieve their business goals through its learning content, digital marketing, and technology services. They design and build their solutions on core principles of innovation, end User Experience and customer satisfaction, such that they work across traditional and newer mobile platforms, formats and devices to deliver and manage highly compelling and engaging digital content.

Check Hurix 's customer reviews here!

19. ELM

ELM is a learning agency that specializes in creating experiences that inspire growth and change in the world’s leading organizations.

ELM’s team of learning developers, designers, animators, scriptwriters, and consultants are experts at assessing unique learner context and combining channels into a seamless approach. ELM’s blended learning combines hyper-relevant content and functional design with the goal of creating a deeper, more meaningful learning experiences. Learn more about ELM’s approach to blending learning.

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20. Learning Tribes

Learning Tribes is an international Learning & Development team founded 15 years ago with the vision to develop talent and empower human resources from customer-facing businesses and organizations. Learning Tribes creates customized and innovative blended-learning solutions, engineered to provide learners the necessary elements to achieve their professional development goals.

To maximize the learning experience, Learning Tribes offers two platforms Triboo and Edflex. Triboo is a Learning Experience Platform (LXP) designed to enhance the employee’s training path and simplify the management and administration of resources. Edfelx is learning curation solution that expertly aggregates, filters and customizes online content and provides a lifelong learning structure.

Learning Tribes has been recognized for the excellence of its teaching methodology, the training quality and the expertise of its staff, trainers, and consultants.

Check Learning Tribes' customer reviews here!

That's it for now! Congratulations to all of those who made it to this list. We are already looking forward to the developments in the eLearning field, and those who will manage to make it to 2020's top 20 list. If you want to be a part of our list of eLearning content providers for blended learning, register in eLearning Industry’s Top eLearning Companies page.