The Top 10 eLearning Content Providers For Blended Learning (2020)

Top 10 eLearning Content Providers For Blended Learning In 2020
Summary: We are delighted to be able to announce a new list. A brand new list of Top eLearning Content Providers for Blended Learning 2020. Through a variety of means of researching the market, we compiled a list of some high-end players who can no longer be ignored when it comes to blended learning. From the strategies they profess to the content they produce, the candidates on the following list contribute immensely to the eLearning field in professionalizing the industry. Here are our picks for 2020!

Best Blended Learning Content Providers For Corporate Training

So, are you still trying to figure out how to leverage blended learning content providers' expertise? Many modern organizations face a corporate training conundrum. They need to move their employee development strategy to the digital era and make the most of technology. However, they aren't ready to dive into the world of eLearning headfirst. Or they don't want to move their entire L&D program online.

Are you planning to keep foregoing only traditional face-to-face training perks? Blended learning brings your staffers the best of both worlds. They still get the in-person support they need from instructors and training facilitators while learning tech provides anytime-anywhere skill-building and Performance Management.

How do you reap the benefits of blended learning without overburdening your L&D team? Or how do you avoid the wrath of your accounting department by racking up a sizable blended training bill? An eLearning company that specializes in blended learning expertise can improve your mixed training delivery. These pros have experience and can help you implement successful blended learning training plans. Plans that not only enhance personalization but also maximize online training ROI.

Finding the right hybrid learning content provider at the right price doesn't have to be an obstacle of course. You can avoid the exhaustive online searches and vendor vetting headaches. Our blended learning content solutions list features all the leading outsourcing partners in your niche, with company highlights and achievements on this very topic.

Discover The Ideal eLearning Company For Your Blended Learning Content Needs
Save time and money. Compare top content providers' tools by topic expertise, reviews, and rating!

Check out the eLearning Industry's top blended learning content companies list to:

  • Assess vendor qualifications and specialization areas
  • Check out user reviews and ratings for every blended learning outsourcing partner
  • Evaluate blended learning content providers' industry accolades
  • Compare eLearning companies for blended learning
  • Find the right content provider for your business needs

This list compilation of top-notch content providers for blended learning will help you find the ideal collaborator for your training needs. As always, we focus on expertise, authority, the purpose of integrated tools, dexterity, interactivity, gamification options, and many more subcategories.

What Were The Criteria That Determined Which Companies Made The List?

In the "old days," hiring blended training content providers involved extensive online searches. You feverishly tried to find the right keywords to narrow the field and compile a shortlist. Even then, your top choices turned out to be over budget, unavailable, or simply lacked the necessary expertise.

In short, vendor selection was no cakewalk. We've simplified the process by gathering all the top blended learning content development companies in one location. We understand what HR and L&D managers look for an effective outsourcing partner. Thus, our top list highlights all the essential info you need in order to launch blended training solutions with limited resources. It also features client reviews, blended learning process best practices, and helpful guides to streamline the selection process.

The list that follows is a thorough guide that includes our top selected companies for blended learning in one place. If you can't wait to start your blended learning content development, this is all you need. Please note here that this list is ideal for those who are in search of implementing blended learning.

You may also check out our full eLearning content providers' directory for other types of content development regarding employee training. Whether you need to boost your workforce's performance and productivity, increase employee engagement, enhance skills development, or focus on sales training courses, we've got you covered.

Explore eLearning Industry's Top Lists To Find The Ideal Solution For Your Business Needs
We’ve gathered up the elite of eLearning solutions to help your online training projects excel! In our lists, you can find the best of the best when it comes to LMSs, content providers, and authoring tools.

Top Blended Learning Content List Compilation Focus

Globally recognized LMS experts, including C. Pappas, and our editorial team did a thorough review of each vendor's eligibility. By checking each eLearning company's website and relevant published content—articles, eBooks, webinars—we've reached a final conclusion. Our committee ranked the best content providers for blended learning based on the following 8 criteria:

  • Company's economic growth potential
  • Company's social responsibility
  • Customer retention
  • Customer reviews
  • Employee turnover
  • Learning industry innovation
  • Content development quality based on topic
  • Expertise in learning solutions

As a result, in the process of discovering the top performers across a variety of categories, we sought after innovative businesses within the eLearning landscape. Businesses that actualize true utility for their clients and continually develop their eLearning experience when it comes to blended learning. For all-around corporate training content, you can check out our vast content providers' directory. Before heading to the list, make sure to read our tips on what you need to consider when choosing to team up with a content provider to create your blended learning programs.

The Importance Of Blended Learning Content For Your Business

There are many types of blended learning you can implement for employee training. From station rotation to flex blended learning models, the solutions are endless. Likewise, you can customize the online versus face-to-face ratio based on your online training objectives and gaps. For example, opt for 25% ILT sessions and 75% online simulations, tutorials, and JIT support. In fact, adjusting the strategy to suit your needs is one of the biggest blended learning outsourcing perks. Vendors work with you to craft a blended training curriculum to engage your workforce. No matter if you want to train your in-house team or your remote workers, you'll manage to bridge relevant gaps. You can cultivate in-house talent on your own terms instead of being forced out of your tech—or financial—comfort zone. Here are a few more benefits a blended learning program can bring to your business:

  • Personalize employee development
    The future of blended learning looks brighter than ever due to the COVID-19 crisis. More organizations are making the switch from face-to-face training because of social distancing measures. But blended learning gives you the opportunity to personalize training at every stage of the employment cycle. New hires have access to microlearning tools that supplement their ILT sessions. Likewise, seasoned employees can master new tasks and reinforce behaviors through virtual simulations and scenarios.
  • Enhance knowledge retention
    Some of the information gets lost in translation during on-site training events. Maybe the employee doesn't have any pre-existing knowledge. Or they prefer another delivery method or eLearning solution. Blended learning content providers enhance knowledge retention and active recall. Everyone can absorb information at their own speed using tools that resonate with them.
  • Reduce compliance breaches
    Staffers are less likely to break the rules if they have ongoing support. Custom blended learning content development allows you to focus on penitent compliance risks. Then bridge targeted gaps via face-to-face and online training methods. Instead of making employees wait until the next scheduled ILT session, you can also rapidly address emerging compliance issues. You can do this through online certifications or bite-sized support tools.
  • Facilitate peer support
    Staffers may be reluctant to ask colleagues for guidance on the job out of embarrassment or pride. Blended learning solutions make peer support more discreet and easily accessible. For example, employees participate in social media groups, online discussions, or collab projects to benefit from coworker experience.

Choosing The Best Blended Learning Content Provider For Your New Project

Online guides, exclusive content provider directories, and top eLearning vendor lists make it easier to choose the perfect third-party provider for your needs. An ideal vendor should be able to devise an innovative blended learning process and stretch available resources. However, there's still some prep work involved. Here's a quick blended learning checklist to help you formulate the best outsourcing plan for your organization:

  • Clarify your budget, objectives, and implementation timeline
    How much can you realistically spend on blended learning initiatives? Which objectives will you focus on during this phase of the project? What is the general implementation timeframe and associated milestones?
  • Compile a list of blended learning outsourcing tasks
    You must separate in-house tasks from outsourcing projects to select the right blended learning content provider. Create a list of the vendor's roles, responsibilities, and deliverables so that they know what's expected of them. Make an accurate estimate for their services in the proposal in comparison to your budget.
  • Use free online resources to identify top contenders
    Blended learning content guides, directories, and review sites are just a few of the tools at your disposal. These sources help you identify top vendor qualifications, evaluate customer service, and fine-tune your online training budget.
  • Submit RFPs to outsourcing companies with the best blended learning programs
    An RPF (Request For Proposal) includes the project scope, price range, and implementation schedule. Submit a request to your shortlist to receive personalized cost estimates and delve deeper into vendor solutions and highlights.
  • Review proposals and finalize the contract
    Gather the team and review proposals from top blended learning content companies that check all the boxes. Then schedule a meeting with the top choice to finalize the details and negotiate an outsourcing contract.

Define Objectives And Goals Before Deciding On Your Blended Learning Content Strategy

Successful strategies for using content for blended learning have one thing in common: they're founded on solid objectives. These objectives ensure that you and the vendor are on the same page. Subsequently, the project can go according to plan because the finish line is always in sight. No vague goals or expectations to stand in the way of creating the best blended learning experiences. Follow these tips to formulate fresh blended learning objectives and outcomes for your business:

  • Carry out a training needs assessment
    All strategies for using content for blended learning start with a TNA. Assess your current gaps, reevaluate your objectives, and survey employees for direct feedback. Another option is hiring a needs analysis consultant to streamline your strategy before the blended learning fun begins.
  • Define measurable outcomes
    How can you determine if the blended learning program is on point or still needs some work? Measurable outcomes allow you to evaluate your strategy and realistic milestones. For example, the blended learning training solutions must improve customer service stats by XX percent. Or boost employee participation rates and compliance scores. These outcomes must be achieved to ensure long-term success and bolster your bottom line.
  • Identify blended learning outsourcing goals
    Blended training goals should be separate from outsourcing goals. While the first involves a comprehensive overview of your strategy, gaps, and available resources, outsourcing aims are restricted to the content provider and your collaboration. For instance, they must decrease training seat time by a certain percentage and possibly even improve real-world application in the sales department. Focus on these performance pain points.

Which Businesses Can Benefit From A Blended Learning Process?

Every business that wants to merge traditional face-to-face training with learning tech tools can benefit from blended learning. It reduces costs, improves resource allocation, and helps retain top talent. Best-in-class blended learning programs stretch your budget and provide staffers with round-the-clock support. Very few organizations—if any—can afford to pass up that opportunity. However, if you're in any of these sectors, blended learning content companies are definitely worth consideration:

  • Customer service and sales
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Food and beverage
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Health and wellness
  • Professional training
  • Insurance
  • Education management
  • Telecommunications
  • eLearning

What Makes Blended Learning Content Effective?

First off, when choosing a content provider for blended learning, you should verify vendor qualifications. Are they aware of blended learning best practices? Do they keep up with blended learning trends and technologies? The secret to blended training success is knowing how and when to use eLearning versus traditional training methods. For example, some topics are better suited for ILT sessions that build a strong knowledge scaffold, while others are ideal for self-paced study using the online training LMS. Simply put, every blended learning component is purpose-driven, instead of trying to force tech into the L&D equation just for the sake of modernity. Below are a few essential ingredients for effective blended learning solutions.

Key elements of a top blended learning content strategy:

  • Instructor interventions
    Instructors introduce training topics and form the mental schema framework. However, they must also intervene when necessary and point employee training participants in the right direction. Even if that's recommending online resources to badge personal gaps autonomously.
  • Employee accountability
    It's relatively easy to observe employees and make certain they're participating in ILT. But they need to maintain the momentum in online training. Thus, employee accountability is crucial for your blended learning training plan. Certifications, knowledge checks, and personalized paths are just a few ways to empower—and monitor—remote employee training participants.
  • Peer support
    Employees should have the opportunity to collaborate with coworkers, exchange ideas, and receive one-on-one support. Learning tech allows them to do this from afar so that they get discreet individualized feedback and peer guidance. For instance, they chat about the latest ILT course and share their thoughts about compliance issues.
  • Self-paced skill development
    Skills are a hot commodity in the corporate world. Or any world, for that matter. Hybrid learning facilitates self-paced talent development because staffers can focus on their own pain points. As well as choose activities that cater to their needs, roles, and training preferences.

Summing up, the blended learning content provider you'll choose to work with needs to consider your holistic L&D strategy. They must be ready and willing to evaluate your current approach and suggest relevant tech training interventions. Their insider know-how and industry experience allow them to devise a hybrid plan of action without the hype. Vendors focus on improving or reinforcing performance behaviors so that employees can be more productive on the job, instead of trying to dazzle them with interactive training tools that only serve as a distraction. That said, they still understand the value of eLearning in the workplace and how it can transform your current L&D initiatives.

eBook Release: Blended Learning In Today’s Workplace
eBook Release
Blended Learning In Today’s Workplace
Gain insights from workplace learning practitioners around the world about how blended learning is used and perceived in today’s workplace.

Evaluate And Compare eLearning Companies Before Kickstarting Your Blended Learning Program

You shouldn't have to compromise when it comes to the future of blended learning in your organization. Hybrid learning providers must possess a unique blend of talents, background experience, and professional insights to warrant the investment. How do you know which blended learning content providers are a good fit for your business objectives? Here are a few insider secrets to help you qualify blended learning outsourcing solutions before launching your new strategy:

  • Read user reviews
    See what clients have to say about their experience with the vendor. Explore how they handled deadlines, communication, and responsiveness.
  • Identify industry specializations and target use cases
    Look for vendors that specialize in your sector and training use case. For example, they're experienced in leadership development or risk management.
  • Verify social proof and online reputation
    Does the vendor have a positive online reputation? Are they active on social media? Pay close attention to their comments and responses, as they're good indicators of vendors' service standards.
  • Peruse their blended learning work samples
    Check out their online portfolio to assess blended learning examples and overall design skills.

Your content provider should implement blended learning process steps with training goals and employee preferences in mind. Such a process requires a broad skillset ranging from creative thinking to problem-solving. All the above will lead to delivering learner-centered experiences that are easily accessible and relevant to individual job duties. Of course, your profit margin is also a factor in the decision-making process. It's not enough to simply offer the lowest price. Your top eLearning vendor choice should deliver the best value for money. This involves follow-up support, open communication, and standout CX.

Explore The Top 10 eLearning Companies For Blended Learning Content

Top eLearning Content Providers For Blended Learning 2020

If you are among the Top 10 Content Provider Companies For Blended Learning in 2020, feel free to add this badge to your website!

1. CommLab India

CommLab India is one of the world’s leading providers of blended learning solutions. They offer comprehensive services, from consulting on Training Needs Analysis to getting started with learning analytics. They work closely with customers to understand their challenges, propose the right training strategy, and design and develop classroom and online training materials for industries such as pharmaceuticals and manufacturing. You can read online submitted reviews and learn more about creating unique blended learning projects with CommLab India.

Their expertise in rapid eLearning design and development helps them roll out instructionally sound eLearning, microlearning, and mobile learning courses of high quality. Their experience in classroom training helps them develop classroom assets such as facilitator and participant guides along with digital performance support job aids. They also have amazing resources to train trainers on conducting effective virtual classroom sessions and working with remote teams.

Don't miss the chance to watch their webinar Blended Learning: A Formidable Tool To Flatten The Forgetting Curve!


  • Training and performance consultation
    CommLab India follows a 6-step process from pre-development to post-development of training assets. They conduct a Training Needs Analysis of customer challenges to vet training solutions, understand the training needs, and how they are aligned with business objectives. By gathering all available content and aligning it with learning objectives, they identify the appropriate blended learning strategy. Then, they design and develop training assets while also offering maintenance services for content updates and learning analytics.
  • Design the optimal blended roadmap
    CommLab India determines the appropriate strategy based on the triad of learning objectives, audience, and learning environment. They analyze each job on the basis of 4 critical parameters to suggest the right proportion of learning formats. Such formats are classroom training, self-paced eLearning, role-based eLearning, eLearning curriculums, mobile learning, microlearning assets, and job aids. They also consult on the right duration for each training format and instructional strategy for eLearning.
  • Rapid eLearning design and development
    They follow a proven process of design and development. In step 1, they design instructionally sound storyboards from existing classroom training material. A prototype to ensure everyone is aligned with the expectations is developed in step 2, and in step 3, they leverage authoring tool expertise to develop the course, upload it to the LMS, and roll out. CommLab India follows an agile Project Management process to ensure constant communication with the customer to eliminate delays and rework.


CommLab India developed 1500 hours of eLearning courses for the blended learning programs of customers from industries such as pharmaceutical and healthcare, contract research organizations, banking, and finance.

Among the notable mentions, they developed training materials for 15 hours of ILT—including student guides, activity handouts, and exercises—along with 7 hours of eLearning for the onboarding program of a CRO.

For a biopharma major, they developed a blended learning program on their new software application. They developed ILT material, role-based eLearning courses, an online assessment to certify learners, and quick reference guides for performance support.

Do you want to keep your teams engaged no matter where they are? Make sure to check CommLab's blended learning solutions!

2. EI Design

For over 18 years, EI Design has helped their customers undertake “digital transformation.” They're fully aligned to support you through the post COVID-19 changed dynamics, from rapid development of remote or virtual learning solutions to VILT/blended solutions that provide a high ROI. Make sure to watch their webinar on how to face L&D challenges when working remotely!

Below you can find their key services:

  • ILT to VILT migration
    Leveraging the platform to create the required impact and learning gain in the new mode.
  • Blended training
    Building up the VILT sessions with components of self-paced, online training or mobile learning through their expertise in arriving at the right blend.
  • Fully online (self-paced training)
    Offering highly immersive mobile learning.

Learn what our community members have to say about EI Design's blended learning expertise by reading user reviews in our directory.


  • Positive ROI by focusing on the learning journey
    The learning journey is crafted through their unique learning and performance ecosystem featuring effective learning and its application on the job, skill-building, reducing the proficiency gap, reinforcements, and challenges and proficiency gain. Additionally, they work with customers on crucial aspects like training impact, measuring the training effectiveness, demonstrable value for learners and business, and creating a positive ROI.
  • Unique and personalized blended learning approach
    EI Design also has other value adds that make their blended learning unique. You can blend the VILT session through online resources using microlearning resources in engaging online formats as Pre/Post handouts. Continue the learning journey by crafting additional online learning resources to reconnect with learners and ensure learning continuity. They repurpose the recorded VILT sessions into online microlearning nuggets, wherein they convert your session recordings into multiple microlearning nuggets, which helps learners meet a sub-learning outcome, and add assessments, which are SCORM-wrapped for tracking. They personalize learning journeys with social learning by creating relevant and higher value personalized learning journeys and ensure that learners collaborate and learn from others.
  • Sticky learning experiences that drive behavioral change
    EI Design creates blended training that generates the “triad of value” by creating sticky learning experiences, enabling effective application on the job, triggering a change in thinking, and driving behavioral change.


They successfully enhanced the impact of ILT for their customers through their blended training approach across 26 industry verticals. EI Design offers a unique step-by-step toolkit to assist their customers’ conversion from ILT to a blended approach. In order to make this happen, they follow certain procedures. They determine why blending is required. Then, they validate the impact of the new approach (the right degree of blending). In the meanwhile, they identify the required support for effective change management. They evaluate the existing content to determine its suitability for a blended delivery and once these aspects are covered, you’re ready to go.

Visit EI Design's website to learn how they can help you effectively transform your ILT to blended or online training!

3. AllenComm

For almost 40 years, AllenComm has partnered with Fortune 100 companies to create transformative blended learning experiences. With a scalable internal workforce and well-honed processes, AllenComm is uniquely equipped to create the right mix of eLearning, classroom instruction, coaching, tools, resources, and apps to build blended learning experiences that match your learners’ needs. You may like to look through AllenComm's customer reviews in our directory. Considered one of the top 10 firms of its kind in the country, they've won over 40 awards year after year for custom learning programs in employee onboarding, leadership development, brand, compliance, and sales enablement.

Go ahead and download their eBook on the Best Practices For Impactful Training!


  • Performance consulting
    They consult with clients to identify gaps between learner behavior and expected results with needs analysis and performance mapping in order to develop a learning strategy to make sure the blended learning experience has a real impact on the business.
  • Instructional Design
    They develop a content strategy and curate content for the best modality: eLearning, ILT/VILT, on-demand, microlearning, coaching, or workflow learning.
  • Learning technologies
    They can help with technology analysis and offer full-service content management options and Learning Experience Platforms to support the ongoing blended learning needs of their clients.


Panera and AllenComm developed an advanced program focused on building confidence through competency. Learners navigate their way through 12 online micromodules and 3 ILT sessions that help them build their team, create a feeling of belonging and community essential to Panera’s food culture and strategize to prepare for challenges.

Pearson K12 Learning and AllenComm created Project Imagine: United States History, a modular, digital supplement to their program for high schools. Using AllenComm technology and Pearson K12 Learning content, the team created a fully immersive learning experience that helps students see, hear, feel and experience history in a new way.

Are you ready to transform your blended learning with AllenComm?

4. SweetRush

SweetRush has managed to capture a singular space in the industry. Clients trust SweetRush and love its culture of caring and commitment, and its effective custom learning solutions that connect with and motivate learners. The majority of the learning solutions SweetRush creates are blended, combining multiple delivery modalities to engage learners in different ways.

Learning is not a one-time event, and SweetRush’s learning experience design embraces the many facets of how people learn: context/demonstration, self-reflection, practice, reinforcement, and performance support, with proven ROI and measurable benefits for our clients’ organizations. SweetRush is innovating the solution design process with its CoDesign experience.

To learn more about collaborating with them, you can read customer reviews for SweetRush in eLearning Industry's directory.


  • Learner-centric programs
    SweetRush has adapted design thinking to learning design. SweetRush’s CoDesign brings together stakeholders, SMEs, and learners with the project team for a collaborative design experience, resulting in a validated prototype that all parties are excited about. It saves time (30 days on average) and reduces risk (buy-in from the start). SweetRush’s Virtual CoDesign enables the same collaborative experience for remote teams.
  • Breadth and depth of capabilities
    Your challenge, business driver, audience, constraints, and culture are unique. Your learning solutions should be, too. SweetRush’s Brandon Hall awards in 28 categories speak to the breadth and depth of its capabilities, including eLearning, simulations, learning games, AR, VR, mobile apps, virtual classroom (VILT), coaching, social learning, and more. This team loves to collaborate with clients like you to design holistic learning journeys that blend modalities, creating an effective experience for learners and ROI for your organization.
  • A team with heart and results with impact
    When you’re choosing a partner, who they are is as important as what they do. SweetRush’s values of respect, caring, and commitment permeate everything they do. They take on your challenges as their own and they create a positive impact for you, your learners, and your organization.

Make sure to watch their webinar on how to lead high-performing teams when working remotely!


SweetRush has been fortunate to receive multiple honors, including 66 Brandon Hall awards (45 Gold awards) in the past 3 years, and 4 wins in the Best Use of Blended Learning category. eLearning Industry, CLO, and the IELA have recognized SweetRush for its custom, blended learning, innovative solutions.

SweetRush has created blended learning for world-class clients in healthcare and pharmaceutical, financial and business services, and consumer products, as well as nonprofits and foundations.

Get in touch with SweetRush to learn about their award-winning solutions for sales training, leadership development, new hire onboarding, and more.

5. Inno-Versity

Inno-Versity is a global leader in custom blended learning solutions. Their in-house team of instructional and creative designers has worked with top brands around the world, with specialties in blended learning, eLearning, mobile learning, Instructor-Led Training, animations, and AR/VR. You're more than welcome to look through the reviews for Inno-Versity in our directory.

Their value proposition is simple: create world-class programs using advanced learning theory and cutting-edge technology that engages learners and produces measurable business outcomes. Do you want to see them elaborate on this topic? Be sure to check out their recent webinar on blended learning.


  • Thought leadership
    Their team of in-house Instructional Designers has extensive experience creating engaging blended learning programs that create real business impact. Most of their team members hold advanced degrees in Instructional Design, and they’ve produced industry trendsetting thought leadership articles.
  • Learner Experience
    Successful blended learning programs rely heavily on excellent User Experience. Inno-Versity uses advanced learning theory and gamification to ensure learners are engaged and that the subject matter retained. They have developed training programs in over 30 languages for some of the world’s leading companies. Providing an amazing custom eLearning solution for corporate training is their mission.
  • Focus on business outcomes
    They quite literally wrote the book on "Return on Learning." From creation, to launch, to maturity, they help companies determine, track, and report the return on their blended learning investment.


Inno-Versity has created award-winning blended learning programs for companies around the world. Here is a sample of some of their top achievements last year (2019):

  • Global Learning Team of the Year, Stevie Awards
  • Top Education and Training Materials, Apex Awards
  • Best Advance in Content, Brandon Hall Awards
  • Top eLearning Content Providers for Blended Learning, eLearning Industry

Do you want to remove complexity from your critical digital learning projects? Contact Inno-Versity!

6. Infopro Learning

Infopro Learning has over 25 years of custom content development expertise. They provide services to create content in all kinds of modalities and for a range of different devices. They also help companies deliver more personalized learning experiences for a variety of training requirements and learner profiles, including blended learning. They work on delivering on their brand promises of providing superior learning experiences, measurable performance benefits, and operational excellence to create training that is impactful, measurable, and effective. To get a better idea of collaborating with them, you may want to look through the reviews for Infopro in our directory.


  • Blended learning experience
    They believe that blended learning is a powerful platform for training, but the mix of online and face-to-face interactions must be perfect for maximum training impact. Along with learning content, they create a learning journey with classroom sessions, VILTs, and self-paced online modules. The mix of varied learning interventions makes sure that learning is just not a one-time event but a sustainable process of continuous employee development.


Infopro Learning has won several Brandon Hall and CLO awards related to building blended learning experiences. From creating blended sales training programs that shrink time-to-competency to crafting a flipped classroom leadership training program aimed at promoting rising stars, all of their experiences are intended to be equally engaging and impactful on business performance.

Do you want to learn more about how Infopro Learning improves learning experiences? Visit their website!

7. Obsidian Learning

Obsidian Learning was building blended learning before blended learning was cool. From mobile learning to microlearning, from WBT to VILT, the jargon and technologies have changed, but choosing the best delivery method to match the topic and audience has driven their blend for over two decades. They have developed hundreds of highly effective learning programs from simple to complex, from serious to light-hearted, from highly technical to soft skills, from non-profit to Fortune 50. If you want to learn more about working with them, take a look at clients' reviews for Obsidian Learning in eLearning Industry's directory. They excel at rapidly identifying, clarifying, and developing core content for agile and rapid deployment.

Make sure to download their eBook on why blended learning is a proven approach to learning development!


  • Design for impact
    Blended learning requires a solid blueprint to get the most impact from each component, each dollar spent, and each minute of the learner’s time. Obsidian Learning looks not only at content—the knowledge and skills your target audience needs—but also learner preferences, online behavior, learning environment, and attitudes. This allows them to focus their design on creating the perfect custom fit.
  • Speed to implementation
    Whether converting existing instructor-led programs to virtual delivery or starting from scratch to develop new courses, Obsidian Learning’s rapid development methodology yields strategically sound programs with enduring value and gets them out the door on time and on budget.
  • User Experience
    Obsidian designs the entire learning experience so learners not only navigate it intuitively but also relate what they are learning directly to their own work roles and processes. Using the latest scientific research and their years of practical experience, they create a look and feel that unites disparate components into a coherent learning program, helps learners consolidate memories, and supports retention and recall of information. From custom User Interfaces to learning maps, portals, apps, and facilitator guides, facilitators and learners feel oriented and supported. Their visual storytelling is second to none.


With Obsidian Learning’s design expertise, blended learning is beautifully agile, adaptable, and cost-effective for any industry. They are adept at converting instructor-led programs to streamlined blended delivery, selecting the best delivery methods for each topic and learning objective, from onboarding—and reboarding—so that people know what to do on day one to fatality prevention and ethics compliance. From the highly technical content of energy exploration to the soft skills of coaching for performance improvement, Obsidian Learning creates blended learning for impact for companies from under 100 employees to Fortune 100.

Contact them to discuss your learning and performance support challenges!

8. CoreAxis

CoreAxis Consulting has been a leader in management consulting and eLearning for two decades, empowering companies like Thermo Fisher Scientific and Amazon to create engaging blended learning programs that immerse participants in a dynamic environment. Their award-winning team delivers immersive, customized blended learning solutions, and works with clients to optimize content and delivery mediums. The CoreAxis capabilities toolkit includes digital learning, live and Virtual Instructor-Led Training, and collaborative team spaces. They work with clients to assess their training process, choose the right features to convey their objectives, and build a comprehensive program tailored to their needs.

You can visit eLearning Industry's directory to check out client reviews for CoreAxis.


  • Expansive toolkit
    CoreAxis is able to provide highly-immersive blended learning solutions thanks to their extensive selection of tools and platforms. Their expansive toolkit includes Virtual Instructor-Led Training, Virtual and Augmented Reality, gamification, and knowledge checks, all of which provide new and engaging ways for learners to absorb content and understand how to apply it to their daily jobs.
  • Dedicated team
    When clients work with CoreAxis, they receive a dedicated team that includes a Project Manager, Instructional Designer, expert developer, and quality assurance specialist. The team schedules kick-offs, working sessions, and standing status updates to fully understand the clients’ L&D needs and help them choose the best tools for their blended learning solution. Their agile, collaborative process ensures clients are involved in each step of the way and satisfied with the final product.
  • Ongoing support
    After clients have launched their blended learning program and had the chance to put learners through it, their studio team is available to make ongoing changes and updates, as necessary. This allows them to gather employee feedback and measure pre- and post-program performance to ensure the learning solution is up to their standards and delivers on objectives, with a trusted advisor available whenever needed.


Thermo Fisher Scientific is a publicly-traded corporation with more than 70,000 employees worldwide. To ensure employees are educated on financial principles and processes that maintain a healthy business and accurate stock reporting, leadership enlisted CoreAxis to create a blended learning course for all employees. The self-paced solution is hosted on the company’s internal LMS and includes Virtual Instructor-Led Training, videos, collaborative team spaces, and knowledge checks so that learners can interact with the content and understand practical, on-the-job applications. Since implementing, Thermo Fisher’s stock price and revenue have increased, and employees are more financially literate than ever before.

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9. Learning Pool

Learning Pool has enjoyed a landmark 12 months. Highlights include growing their client base to more than 800 global organizations, the launch of its new LXP, Stream, acquiring the award-winning innovative learning solutions provider, HT2 Labs, and winning a vast array of awards, including Gold for Innovation at the 2019 Learning Technologies Awards and Gold at the International CSR awards. The Learning Pool ecosystem of ready-made eLearning catalogs, custom content production and powerful LMSs, LXPs, LRSs, and authoring tools give clients the ability to quickly deliver personalized streams of expert content and curated experiences that rapidly drive performance during onboarding and beyond.

Do you want to learn more about collaborating with them? Simply visit our directory to read customer reviews for Learning Pool.


  • Blended learning solutions for a variety of industries
    Blended learning can be applicable across a range of industries and topic areas and is a great way of helping embed knowledge and behaviors over a longer period of time.
  • Combination of traditional eLearning modules with online resources
    Learning Pool has worked with a range of organizations to develop larger-scale learning programs that combine traditional eLearning modules with online resources, social learning, and classroom workshops.
  • Unique projects
    Learning Pool's team of experts creates impactful training. A recent example includes the development of the new Swiss International Hearing Academy which offers a professional qualification for hearing care practitioners and is the first of its kind in the world.


Learning Pool has worked with OSTC to develop a brand new onboarding program for stock traders. This solution employs an exciting combination of microlearning, performance support resources, and other media to support on-the-job training.

Their customers' stories will certainly inspire you. To learn more about how Learning Pool can help you, visit their case studies!

10. Cinecraft Productions

Cinecraft is a leading producer of custom learning solutions. They specialize in creating blended learning experiences that are performance-focused and learner-centric. Curious to learn more about working with them? Read customer reviews for Cinecraft in eLearning Industry's directory.

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100% of the courses Cinecraft designs for customers are blended. Cinecraft determines the modalities for customers' learning needs based on the following process:

  • Identify measurable business goals for the course
  • Design learning objectives that are measurable
  • Develop and deliver modalities that meet the objectives based on audience needs

For example, Cinecraft partnered with Henkel Corporation to design a curriculum that taught window installers to install a window correctly in order to cut down on costly callbacks and warranty claims.


Cinecraft met Henkel’s objective by designing a curriculum that reflects a scaffolding learning methodology. Scaffolding is when an Instructional Designer applies various methods and strategies for the learner. Cinecraft first designed a prerequisite instructor-led and eLearning course. Then building on the prerequisite context, window installers watched a 5-minute demonstration video and practiced with a virtual window installation allowing them to practice choosing the tools and identifying the appropriate steps in the correct order. This blended strategy also includes performance support in the form of a job aid and installation video for the installers to reference on the job.

Visit Cinecrafts' website if you want to get a deeper look at their custom blended learning solutions!

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Thus, they all deserve a spot on your shortlist. Granted, there's still some homework involved to ensure you team up with the perfect outsourcing partner. Evaluate their blended learning examples, consider user ratings, and submit RFPs to top candidates. Ultimately, the eLearning vendor you choose must serve as a blended learning content guide to help you navigate the process as well as avoid the most common pitfalls.

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