Enlightenment E-learning Study Kit Software Features

Learn more about the features that differentiate Enlightenment E-learning Study Kit Software from the competition.


Conversion to Web-Friendly Formats
Create Animation
Import Animation
P.Point slide transition effects
Text Animations

AR Features

AR can be created in tool
AR can be simulated
AR can use GPS for real time coordinates

Audio Features

Audio Output
Audio Recording
Import Audio File
Integrated Sound Editor

Conditional Triggers

A WHILE clause
An ELSE clause for when the condition does not apply
An IF clause with combinations of AND and OR conditions
An IF clause with multiple AND conditions
An IF clause with multiple OR conditions
An IF clause with one condition
Based on learner interactions
Based on time in overall lesson
Based on time on individual slides / pages
Multiple actions
Multiple actions that can be shared with other lessons
Multiple actions that can be shared within a lesson
Multiple actions which can be grouped and named
Single action only

Deployment Output Format

Legacy Flash-based

Development Options

Objects can be grouped
Objects can have multiple states
Slides / Pages can be assembled into Scenes/ Groups
Slides / Pages can have multiple layers

Image Features

Clipart Gallery
Image Editor
Image Gallery
Import Image

Interface Options

Customizable Toolbars
Interface Customization
Preview as published

Online Libraries

Background Scenes
Location Scenes
Music Tracks
Other Artwork (Nature, City, Vehicles…)
Photo gallery
Sound Effects
Standard Narration Tracks
Templates Gallery
Text to Speech Voices

Question Types

Likert (Survey)
Matching columns
Multiple-Choice, Multiple-Answers
Multiple-Choice, Single-Answer
Randomized from pools / banks of questions
Short Answers
True / False

Quiz Questions Import

Comma-delimited files (CSV)
Excel spreadsheets (XLS)
GIFT-format text files (TXT)

Responsive Design

All Lesson Content
Automatic Using Columns (No fine adjustments possible)
Automatic Using Other Means (No fine adjustments possible)
Multiple Breakpoints Available
Player Only

Types of Interactions

Drag & Drop
Text Entry (Simple)
Text Entry (Wildcards)
Wizard-Based Interactions

Types of Navigation

Branching Scenarios
High Interaction/Open
Limited Interaction/Linear
No Interaction/Passive

Video Features

360° Videos
Import Video
Integrated Video Editor
Video Recording

VR Features

VR can be created in tool
VR can be imported
VR can have overlaid hot spots