Top Content Providers For Scenario-Based Learning (2020)

Top Content Providers For Scenario-Based Learning
Summary: If you want to keep your learners motivated, scenario-based learning is an excellent strategy. It offers a relaxed and secure environment for your teams while improving knowledge retention. In this top list, we've selected the best content providers with scenario-based content expertise which can help you optimize real-world hurdles. Those of you looking for a higher Return On Investment can't go wrong with this approach!

Best Scenario-Based Learning Content Providers For Corporate Training

What can scenario-based learning content providers bring to your business? The forgetting curve, busy schedules, and work-related stress are common L&D obstacles. Sure, employees memorize all the policies and procedures. But are they able to apply them on the job? Scenario-based corporate training lets them learn from mistakes and build self-confidence. Thankfully, the right scenario-based learning content providers can help you cut costs and development time as they offer unique expertise and skills to create scenario-based learning experiences that stick.

There’s just one hurdle; how do you find the best outsourcing partner for your organization? Well, one option is to visit all their landing pages to compile your shortlist. Or you can hire the leading companies for test projects if there’s room in your budget.

Fortunately, there’s another approach that’s stress-free and cost-effective. Our Top Scenario-Based Learning Content Providers list features the best vendors. You can even evaluate their qualifications and industry accolades before submitting your RFP. Before the grand reveal, here are some insider tips to choose the right content providers for scenario-based training.

Check out eLearning Industry's top scenario-based learning eLearning companies list to:

  • Evaluate vendor specializations and industry achievements
  • Verify social proof with user ratings and reviews
  • Assess scenario-based eLearning companies' online training solutions
  • Compare eLearning companies for scenario-based learning
  • Find the right content provider for your business needs
Compare Top Content Providers For Engaging Scenario-Based Learning
In our niche directory you can find the top vendors with expertise in creating learning scenarios. From simulations to VR training and videos, choose the best for your online training needs.

Please keep in mind that this top list is about scenario-based learning content development experts. For all-around corporate training content, feel free to check out our vast content providers’ directory.

What Were The Criteria That Determined Which Companies Made The List?

How do you know which scenario-based employee training vendors align with your needs and budget? Unfortunately, there’s isn't enough time or resources to vet them one by one. This is why we’ve created this list to simplify the qualification process. This way, you can evaluate all the top contenders in one spot and alleviate the L&D workload.

The list that follows is a thorough guide that includes our top selected companies for scenario-based learning in one place. If you can't wait to start your scenario-based learning content development, this is all you need.  Whether you need to increase performance and productivity, boost employee engagement, develop skills, or focus on sales training courses, we've got you covered.

Globally recognized content provider experts, including C. Pappas, and our editorial team did a thorough review of each vendor's eligibility. By checking each eLearning company's website and relevant published content—articles, eBooks, webinars—we've reached a final conclusion. Our committee ranked the best content providers for scenario-based learning based on the following 8 criteria:

  • Company's economic growth potential
  • Company's social responsibility
  • Customer retention
  • Customer reviews
  • Employee turnover
  • Learning industry innovation
  • Training solution content development quality
  • Learning solution expertise

Before heading to the list, make sure to read our tips on what you need to consider when opting for teaming up with a content provider to create your scenario-based learning programs.

The Importance Of Scenario-Based Learning Content For Your Business

There are many benefits of scenario-based training content for your bottom line and top talent. In fact, a scenario-based learning strategy can help you reduce employee turnover and reduce compliance risks. Not to mention, cut online training seat time. Below are a few added perks to help you make a successful business case.

Prevent On-The-Job Mistakes

Mistakes are bound to happen because they're part of the learning process. However, it’s usually best if they happen in a safe and supportive training environment, instead of the sales floor. Scenario-based learning allows employees to try different approaches and evaluate the outcomes. This way, they can make errors and not repeat them in the workplace.

Boost Employee Productivity

Employees who are self-assured and experienced are more productive on the job. Scenarios for employee training put their knowledge into practice. They must navigate the challenges they find in simulations or branching scenarios. Afterward, they apply what they’ve learned in the workplace, which means a lower learning curve.

Build Problem-Solving Skills

Every day brings new problem-solving opportunities. The question is, do your employees have all the skills and experiential knowledge they need? Scenario-based learning techniques help them hone their critical thinking skills, as it’s based on practical problems that encourage them to think outside the box.

Highlight Improvement Areas

One of the standout benefits of using scenarios in training is to identify hidden gaps. They might ace the final compliance training exam. But scenarios reveal performance, skills, and knowledge pain points, due to the fact that they center on real-world applications instead of theoretical know-how.

Choosing The Best Content Provider For Your New Scenario-Based Learning Project

The ideal scenario-based eLearning solutions understand your industry and the unique challenges you face. They have all the right skillsets to create engaging and interactive content for your team without going over budget. So, how do you find content providers for scenario-based learning in a tight time frame? Follow these tips to select an outsourcing partner that lives up to your expectations.

Create A List Of Scenario-Based Learning Must-Haves

Compile a list of the scenario-based training activities you need to fill existing gaps, including in-house tasks and outsourcing projects. This is also a good time to create your vendor evaluation criteria. For example, you need scenario-based learning companies that specialize in compliance training and provide advanced support services.

Vet Vendors In The Online Directory

An online directory is your springboard for vendor selection since it features all the top choices in one location and it is complete with ratings, reviews, and training solutions lists. You can also filter results to speed up the search as well as visit the content provider’s website directly.

Submit Scenario-Based Learning RFPs

Successful scenario-based corporate training outsourcing starts with a Request For Proposal. RFPs have all the essential info vendors need to provide estimates. But it also ensures that your top contenders meet all the criteria. For instance, they can deliver the content before the deadline and they have the necessary expertise.

Finalize Your Contract With Scenario-Based Training Providers

After you review proposals and pick the perfect outsourcing partner, contract negotiations begin. Verify that all the terms and conditions are clear. You can also set up a meeting to discuss your questions and concerns with the vendor. Or even send questionnaires to help you compare shortlisted companies.

Define Goals And Objectives Before Finalizing Your Online Training Content Strategy

Successful scenario-based training kicks off with clear objectives and goals. There are a few questions that need answers. Namely, how does scenario-based learning fit into your current strategy? And are there any points you need to address to maximize ROI? Furthermore, how will you implement scenario-based learning best practices for Performance Management? Here are some goal-setting tips to get started.

Assess Employee Skill And Performance Gaps

Ultimately, scenario-based learning examples should fill a void in your current online training strategy. They must address employee skill gaps and reinforce positive performance behaviors as well as help them assess areas for improvement discreetly. Incorporate these pain points into your scenario training objectives and goals to personalize employee development.

Set Measurable Goals

How do you measure scenario-based training success? Set realistic goals with clear evaluation criteria. For example, by the end of the sales simulation, they must be able to summarize all the product perks. Or convince a challenging customer to seal the deal. Which skills and performance behaviors are involved? And how will you assess employee proficiency?

Identify Workplace Risks

What is a real-life scenario? It’s a training tool that helps staffers reflect on their performance minus the risk. However, you still need to identify what these hazards are to create effective goals. For instance, your customer service team is at risk of losing loyal customers. Thus, they need to improve their active listening and empathy skills to boost satisfaction stats.

Which Businesses Can Benefit From Scenario-Based Learning?

The simple answer is every organization can make the most of scenario-based learning for employee development. whether you’re a startup with limited staff or a large organization with a global talent pool. This is due to the fact that just like it’s eLearning cousin, gamification, scenario-based training is easily adaptable. Let’s look at a few common uses for scenario-based learning in the workplace.

Customer Service

Scenario-based training gives customer service employees the opportunity to fine-tune their interpersonal skills. They interact with different customer personas in scenario-based games and stories. As a result, employees can empathize with others and communicate more effectively.


Your sales team needs to know products inside out. But customer engagement is crucial. Scenario-based learning helps them master the fine art of negotiation and perfect their pitch. Gamified branching scenarios and sales simulations up the ante. Sales staffers compete against one another to move up the leaderboard. In the process, they build vital communication skills and expand their product knowledge.

Information Technology

IT customer service and troubleshooting are all about hands-on experience. This can be difficult when employees work remotely. However, immersive branching scenarios and video-based learning impart practical experience. You can even include screenshots and recorded calls to make it more interactive.

Human Resources

One of the prime examples of scenario-based learning in the workplace is using stories to teach new hires. You can incorporate simulations into your onboarding program to bridge pre-existing gaps. However, it’s also ideal for HR staffers who need practical experience. For instance, they must brush up on their interviewing skills. Or see policies in action with the help of compliance training scenarios.

What Makes Scenario-Based Learning Content Effective?

First off, when choosing a content provider for scenario-based learning, you verify their design skills, work practices, and industry expertise. For this, you need to know the basic building blocks, such as how to create scenarios for employee training that inspire staffers and provide discreet feedback. What is scenario-based training? Here are the essential components of scenario-based learning strategies.

Real-World Challenges

eLearning scenarios focus on real-world problems. Thus, every activity should feature the 3 Rs. They need to be realistic, relatable, and relevant. For example, call center employees must handle difficult customers who turn down every resolution as this is a problem that they encounter every day. Can they use their skills and experience to meet customers’ needs?

Compelling Storytelling

Stories are the core of scenario-based learning experiences. First, you need to set the scene, then present the obstacle as well as encourage employees to find a solution on their own. You can even provide storytelling eLearning examples to point them in the right direction.

Embedded Feedback

Scenario training is supposed to empower employees. They figure things out on their own and identify hidden gaps. But feedback is crucial. They need to know where they went wrong and how to improve. For instance, include a list of follow-up resources or relevant courses as well as a performance recap that prompts self-reflection.

Summing up, the scenario-based learning content provider that you’ll choose to work with needs to know how to design immersive learning experiences that put theory into practice. It’s not simply a matter of developing branching scenarios and real-world stories that highlight knowledge gaps as they must also give employees the tools they need to bridge them autonomously.

Types Of Scenario-Based Learning To Leverage In Online Training

How do you write a training scenario that motivates employees and helps them reflect on personal pain points? First and foremost, you need to choose the best delivery method. Ideally, a scenario-based learning activity that fosters an emotional connection and resonates with staffers. What are the types of scenario-based training you should consider for your employee development strategy?

Simulation Training

Employees immerse themselves in tasks and compliance policies. They get to experience all the emotions without any of the risks as well as improve performance behaviors and habits that limit their potential.

Video-Based Learning

Videos give employees a visual example to follow. Scenario-based videos feature a compelling story. For instance, the main character has to deal with a coworker conflict. How would employees handle the situation to build a better team dynamic?

Problem-Based Training

All scenario learning experiences involve a real-world problem. But this strategy narrows the scope. Employees must focus on a specific issue that hinders workplace productivity as well as use all their lateral thinking skills to come up with different solutions.

Branching Scenarios

Immersive branching scenarios are so popular because they’re interactive and feature built-in feedback. Every decision brings employees down a different path, which leads to repercussions or rewards.


Gamified scenarios include levels and other game mechanics. For example, staffers earn badges for achieving the most favorable outcome. Or they move up the leaderboard, which fuels friendly competition. You can even develop serious games with engaging stories to boost employee motivation.

Evaluate And Compare Vendors Before Starting Your New Scenario-Based Learning Program

There are a few ways to qualify vendors and ensure they have all the skills and experience you’re looking for. But it’s not just their talents you need to consider. Scenario-based learning companies must also have a proven track record and work practices that align with your own. Especially if you want a long-term partner you can rely on for future projects.

Evaluate User Ratings

User ratings give you an inside look. Best of all, you can analyze their CX and support before committing. That said, you must use a ratings platform that’s unbiased. For example, every user has to create an account or log in through social media.

Find A Vendor Who Specializes In Your Niche

The vendor needs to know your niche. But they must also specialize in the training topic. Whether it’s product knowledge or transformation management since scenario-based learning has a variety of applications in online training.

Analyze Social Proof

Online reviews and social media are a great way to verify social proof. To illustrate, the scenario-based learning content provider has a few negative reviews. However, they don’t lash out at critics. Instead, they follow up and ask how to improve. Then again, the good should outweigh the bad.

Review Their Online Portfolio

Above all, you need to evaluate their work for yourself. So, review vendors’ online portfolios to see if they check all the boxes. For example, there are numerous branching scenarios and simulations for your niche. On the other hand, even samples outside the scope can help you assess their talents. Just make sure they include context, like the project objectives, outcomes, and use case.

Using scenario-based learning in employee training calls for a vendor who understands the psychology of online training so that they can implement scenario-based learning best practices that are meaningful and relevant. Finally, vendors must know how to combine scenario-based learning software with creative problem-solving to achieve the goals.

Here's eLearning Industry's Top List To Start Creating Your Training Scenarios

So, if you've read the above insights, you must be curious about how each company can help you challenge learners to learn from their mistakes. Or maybe you're trying to understand how you can use scenarios to recreate real-life situations. One thing is certain, learners can gain real-world skills and experience with this approach, most importantly, by leveraging scenarios that allow the safe exploration of risky or sensitive situations. Some specific examples will certainly help identify how you can utilize eLearning scenarios. Let's explore our top list!

Top Content Providers For Scenario-Based Learning

If you are among the Top Content Providers For Scenario-Based Learning in 2020, feel free to add this badge to your website!

1. SweetRush

Engaging, relevant, and effective are hallmarks of SweetRush’s learning solutions. When it comes to learning that incorporates scenarios, stories, and simulations, SweetRush truly shines. Its 20-year focus on creating custom learning experiences that connect with and motivate learners is unquestionable. As a result, clients trust SweetRush and love its culture of caring and commitment. This company blends Instructional Design, creative design, multimedia, and technology innovation in a masterful way. Its collaborations with clients result in award-winning learning programs that reinvent learning in their organizations and yield exceptional results.

Visit our directory to explore customer reviews for SweetRush and learn more about collaborating with them.


  • Effective learning that emulates the real world
    To achieve the desired ROI and impact performance, you need to change behavior, attitudes, and mental models. Training is most effective when it is learner-centric and as close to the real world as possible. SweetRush creates transformative, scenario- and simulation-based learning experiences that show learners new perspectives, build empathy, and provide real-time feedback on the consequences of decisions. Learning applies directly back on the job. Care to learn more? Don't miss their eBook on how to design and launch successful VR training programs!
  • Immersive experiences that accelerate expertise
    With scenario-based learning, learners think critically and make decisions in an environment of “safe failure,” while being able to make connections in a short period of time. SweetRush produces learning programs that immerse learners in the scenario, always by giving the utmost care to the visuals, voice-over, and User Experience whether it’s delivered via Virtual Reality, online simulations, serious games, eLearning, or virtual classrooms. If you're looking for a great example of Virtual Reality training, make sure to watch their recent webinar!
  • Caring and collaborative expert designers bring out the best in your experts
    Expert knowledge is often tacit and not written down. Creating effective scenario-based learning requires building strong relationships with SMEs. Their specialists focus on taking time and care to find stories that will resonate most deeply with learners. SweetRush’s Instructional Design team loves collaborating with client SMEs and crafting scenarios that bring learning to life.


With 66 Brandon Hall awards in 3 years, SweetRush consistently receives top honors. It has 4 Brandon Hall Gold awards in the Best Custom Content category for scenario-based learning and holds coveted spots on eLearning Industry’s top custom content providers lists.

Award-winning programs include a Virtual Reality program that helps hospitality workers build empathy for guests, immersive online simulations for banking professionals that put them in the shoes of clients, and soft skills training for technical support engineers with robust, scenario-based assessments.

Get in touch with SweetRush and discover a team with heart creating exceptional scenario-based learning!

2. Obsidian Learning

Obsidian Learning has been studying and perfecting the best ways to engage learners and make learning stick for 22 years. They favor scenario-based learning because it works. It works because it incorporates so many success factors: real-world relevance, storytelling, collaboration, learner-driven discovery, cross-disciplinary problem-solving, emotional engagement, and immediate application of learning. For areas where you need training to do more than check a box—when you need it to change behavior, teach complex knowledge or shift highly resistant attitudes—Obsidian Learning can develop scenario-based learning large or small to get the job done. Take a look at Obsidian Learning's reviews in our directory to see what real customers think about them.

Are you interested in implementing successful virtual training for your remote teams? Don't miss their eBook How Virtual Learning Meets Employee Training Needs In Today’s Remote Working Environment.


  • Deep context
    Knowledge is best received and integrated within the context in which it is going to be used. A learning experience based in a real-life scenario facilitates robust learning through the principles of inductive (vs. more common but less effective instructive) learning. Obsidian Learning develops scenarios that are not only informative but also interesting and engaging to learners. Why? Because they are relevant to the learners.
  • Accelerated expertise
    The point of adult learning is not only the transfer of knowledge but more importantly the application of knowledge in practice. Obsidian Learning uses scenario-based learning to foster discovery learning, problem-solving, collaboration, and connecting the dots across disciplines. This applied learning accelerates expertise dramatically, especially for complex topics. Make sure to read their eBook on scenarios for video-based training.
  • Robust retention
    The realistic context and challenges of scenario-based learning spark emotional engagement. When learners care about learning and about outcomes, this solidifies the lessons learned. Obsidian Learning uses visual as well as Instructional Design to support the scenario, the developing story, and impactful learning outcomes to make learning memorable. Care to learn more about how they managed to achieve all the above? Make sure to watch their webinar Cognition, Emotion, And Social Learning In Learning Design: The IDEA Model.


Their experience has proven scenario-based learning extremely powerful in:

  • Health, safety, and security
    Scenario-based learning integrates key learning points into a story or case study. Highlighting what’s at stake on a personal as well as company level adds emotional impact, which helps training stick.
  • Change management and operations improvement
    Real-life scenarios let change-resistant audiences experience the benefits of the new software, process, etc. This reduces resistance and builds buy-in—and can surface excellent ideas for further improvement.
  • Compliance training
    Famously dry and boring, when presented imaginatively through scenarios, compliance training can become adventurous, fun, and memorable.

To learn more and to experience examples of scenario-based learning from the Obsidian Learning labs, contact them!

3. Cinecraft Productions

Cinecraft is one of the industry leaders when it comes to producing custom learning solutions. They have a specialty in creating experiences like scenario-based learning that are performance-focused and learner-centric. Care to learn more about them? Head to our directory and read customer reviews for Cinecraft.

Learn how an effective scenario-based learning course is designed by registering for Cinecraft’s webinar The Anatomy Of Scenario-Based Learning!


Cinecraft’s learning philosophy is defined as bringing the learner as close to the skills and behaviors to be learned as possible. Their 80 years of motion picture storytelling makes them uniquely qualified as a resource for scenario-based courses. Scenarios that tell a relevant story and are authentic and efficient based on the learner’s context and job description are the most effective. And, these 3 characteristics are a vital part of Cinecraft’s 7 better learning principles. The above reflects Cinecraft's training content delivery.

  • Authentic, timely, and accessible
    Their team is dedicated to creating learning experiences that are genuine, real, life-like, and accurate. Of course, they are also timely.  Their experts make learning convenient and available at a favorable or useful time. The User Experience (UX) is easy to comprehend, and navigation is without obstacles, making training content easy and accessible.
  • Relevant and efficient
    Cinecraft manages to always keep training relevant and efficient. Learning is closely connected to the business needs and learning objectives. Plus, their training content is streamlined, well organized, and minimizes effort.
  • Fun and engaging
    User Interface (UI) is aesthetically pleasing, captivating, and appealing. That's what makes it engaging. They focus on training delivery that is entertaining, amusing, and enjoyable.


Cinecraft is a leading provider when it comes to creating scenario-based learning. Every course has authentic application either driving the content or evaluating the learner’s mastery of the material. Cinecraft has won dozens of awards for its design. Most recently they designed a Social Media Policy course for Assurant Corporation. The course content was driven through a series of 5 scenarios that asked learners to identify the policy infraction and an alternative solution. Finally, the learner was asked to demonstrate appropriate remediation for the infraction. The Social Media Policy course has already won a Brandon Hall Award.

Are you ready to start creating scenario-based learning to improve performance and bring behavior change? Contact Cinecraft!

4. Infopro Learning

Infopro Learning (IPL) has over 25 years of custom content development expertise. Their team provides services and creates content in all kinds of modalities and for a range of different devices. They also help companies deliver more engaging learning experiences through modern strategies, including scenario-based learning. They work on delivering on their brand promises by providing superior learning experiences, measurable performance benefits, and operational excellence. Their main goal is to create training that is impactful, measurable, and effective.

They've actually written an eBook about it. Don't miss it: The Power Of Learning Analytics: Measuring L&D Outcomes For Business Performance.


  • Strategy assessment
    Scenario-based learning, as a strategy, works very well for varied learner profiles. They assess not only the learner but also the possible ways that the content can be best presented as scenario-based learning. Scenarios that the learners can best relate to are always the most appropriate to adopt while creating scenario-based learning. Make sure to watch their webinar Navigating Through The Learning Journey With An Online-Only Approach.
  • Implementation
    Scenario-based learning helps learners absorb knowledge through practical examples. They build a context through real-life examples that the learners face every day at work. Their simulation-based solutions help corporate learners understand concepts through live examples and apply them for work excellence. To get a better idea of what it is like to collaborate with them, you may want to look through the reviews for Infopro in our directory.


Infopro Learning has won several Brandon Hall and CLO awards related to scenario-based learning solutions. From creating simulation-based training programs for learners with limited reading capability to simulations denoting luxury and ambiance for a niche industry like hospitality, all their learning experiences are intended to be equally engaging and impactful on business performance.

Join forces with Infopro to create effective simulation training scenarios for your teams.

5. EI

EI is a leading learning and performance support solutions provider that thrives on transforming learning—keeping it alive, relevant, impactful, and continuous. Their solutions are acknowledged for offering high visual impact, building engagement, creating sticky learning experiences, and improving employee performance. Their scenario-based learning (SBL) solutions influence thinking, add tremendous value to online training and drive behavioral change.

By leveraging real-world experiences, their solutions help their customers achieve demonstrable benefits for learners. The above is reflected in performance improvement as it triggers the preferred behavioral change. They bring a positive impact on the business as learners acquire new skills or enhance their productivity. All that with improvement in ROI.

Learn what our community members have to say about EI's eLearning scenario expertise by reading user reviews in our directory.


EI uses SBL to create high-impact learning and performance support solutions in the following ways:

  • Knowledge gain and driving behavioral change
    This is achieved through real-life situations that are relatable to learners. As they respond, they understand the impact of their choices or the consequences of their decisions. These are nuanced to trigger change in thinking and they eventually drive behavioral change. Ready to embrace this approach? Make sure to download their virtual training guide How To Future-Proof Your Virtual Training Transformation. It will give you insights into scenario-based learning and simulation training among other solutions.
  • Reinforce learning and improve proficiency
    After acquiring the knowledge, learners are reinforcing and practicing it to achieve proficiency through SBL. This helps learners steadily improve their proficiency in a safe environment, and the reinforcement keeps the “forgetting curve” at bay.


EI uses SBL for formal training and performance support. The approach offers key benefits such as creating sticky learning experiences, enabling problem-solving, and providing learners with guidance and a safe practice zone to acquire proficiency and mastery. It also allows learners to make errors and via feedback, reinforce the right approach in addition to the primary messaging. The solutions facilitate decision-making and increase critical thinking skills. They use SBL for varied corporate training needs notably for compliance training, leadership training, sales training, professional skills training, soft skills training, and application simulations training.

Team up with EI to create effective real-life simulation training for your learners.

6. AllenComm

With almost 40 years of experience in Instructional Design and training technology, AllenComm is one of the best partners for crafting custom scenario-based learning solutions. Solutions that meet the unique learning and business objectives of every client. Their performance mapping process creates a pathway to success by prompting learners to not only acquire knowledge but also develop critical thinking skills around vital subjects. Moreover, their creative and technical teams bring a wealth of expertise and experience, from art to programming or performance consulting, with award-winning training solutions. Work with AllenComm to have a meaningful impact on your learners and drive organizational success.

Explore our directory to read customer reviews about working with AllenComm.


  • Training technology
    AllenComm's training technology drives engagement by building each scenario-based Learner Experience with User Interface and User Experience in mind. For example, interactive videos, AR/VR, and high-fidelity games prompt exploration. In addition, AI-enabled branching decision trees and performance-based personalization further enrich the training experience by providing a tailored journey for each learner.
  • Performance mapping
    By designing activities to address the key motivational factors, knowledge base, and critical thinking skills needed to increase performance, they create a clear pathway to success. Each training asset is mapped within the larger learning curriculum in order to align with the key business goals driving the training initiative. Make sure to read their eBook Best Practices For Impactful Training.
  • Problem-solving
    By combining a careful design strategy with innovative training technology, AllenComm's scenario-based learning solutions offer learners the opportunity to navigate unique challenges, while at the same time honing problem-solving abilities within a risk-free environment. This practice is crucial for increasing speed-to-competency and subsequently, performance support.


  • Bronze Brandon Hall HCM Excellence Awards for Best Custom Content
  • Gold Horizon Award in Video Instruction for Clinical Reasoning, Resilience, and Teamwork
  • Gold Omni Award Other-Centered® Selling in Educational category
  • Bronze Brandon Hall Excellence Award in Best Advance in Sales Training for CAB’s Brand Sales Training

Reach out to them to transform your learners!

7. CommLab India Rapid eLearning Solutions

CommLab India is one of the world’s leading providers for rapid eLearning and blended learning solutions. Especially when it comes to designing and developing scenario-based eLearning courses. Their work translates learning into application. CommLab India follows a holistic consultative approach to understand expected learner behavior from each course. In addition, it sets appropriate learning objectives and selects the right Instructional Design strategy. Their scenario-based learning expertise facilitates the desired level of performance in the most optimal, engaging, creative way. It leverages all the latest authoring tools to quickly bring these courses to life, without the time-consuming fluff, of course. Their remote Project Management and agile processes ensure customers get scale and speed at unmatched quality.

You can read online submitted reviews and learn more about creating unique training projects with CommLab India Rapid eLearning Solutions.


  • Strong Instructional Design
    CommLab India’s Instructional Designers create scenario-based courses that facilitate learning by doing. When the application of skills on the job is crucial, in areas such as qualitative decision-making, problem-solving, and negotiations, scenario-based courses put learners "on the spot." To do so, they replicate real-world conditions. Interpreting knowledge and/or applying skills internalizes learning. Scenarios are constructed to display consequences immediately and in relatable terms, reinforcing the right and the wrong.
  • Rapid authoring tools
    The effectiveness of scenario-based learning depends a lot on the plot, characters, settings, and the conversation. CommLab India Rapid eLearning Solutions ensures these are a replica of the actual workplace where employees need to think on their feet and take decisions. And, it speeds up the development of scenarios using the in-built assets of rapid authoring tools, for example, by using dialogue simulators, characters, backgrounds, locations, and templates. From real photos to vector illustrations and stick figures, a wide variety of characters are used to lend an element of play, without compromising the context.
  • Scenario-based assessments
    They design and develop scenario-based courses for a wide range of topics such as information security, prevention of sexual harassment, selling skills, safety, compliance, leadership, and team building. These courses also include scenarios as formative and summative assessments, icebreakers, and more. CommLab India also creates a pool of scenario-based questions that can be used for periodic refreshers and spaced learning.


CommLab India Rapid eLearning Solutions has developed close to 500 hours of eLearning and 400 hours of micro scenario-based courses. The assets that also include videos have impacted 5,000+ blue-collar employees and 10,000+ top management executives. Popular training types where scenario-based learning works best include software, compliance, onboarding, process, and safety.

Care to learn more about creating fascinating courses? Don't miss their eBook The Why, What, And How Of Scenario-Based Learning!

8. MindSpring

MindSpring is a global leader in scenario-based learning solutions. Their in-house team of instructional and creative designers has worked with top brands around the world. They specialize in gamification, blended learning, eLearning, mobile learning, Instructor-Led Training, animations, and AR/VR. Their value proposition is simple: creating world-class programs using advanced learning theory and cutting-edge technology that engages learners and produces measurable business outcomes.

You're more than welcome to look through the reviews for MindSpring in eLearning Industry's directory.


  • Thought leadership in scenario-based learning
    MindSpring has expertise in scenario-based learning modules and experiences. Their thought leadership guides all they do. Most of their team members hold advanced degrees in Instructional Design, and they’ve produced industry trendsetting thought leadership articles. As learning experts, they recognize the importance of building learning events around scenarios that keep the learner both engaged and focused on real-world application.
  • Learner Experience
    MindSpring applies advanced learning theory to incorporate scenarios into a variety of learning solutions—whether that solution is a scenario-based sales skills module, customer service software training, a full-blown game teaching cybersecurity awareness, or anything in between. The learner is immersed in a situation that is motivating and also immediately applicable to their current work situation. Scenarios are highly connected with gamification. Don't miss their webinar Creating A Winning eLearning Gamification Strategy.
  • Scenario-based expertise
    MindSpring has built scenarios into both traditional eLearning formats and more advanced formats such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Excellent learning solutions are a combination of robust Instructional Design, and outstanding creative that immerses the learner into the scenario. All 3 elements are required, and MindSpring built its team to deliver them all. Make sure to download their eBook Providing An Amazing Custom eLearning Solution For Corporate Training.


MindSpring has created scenario-based experiences for semester-long university courses as well as onboarding, leadership training, and operations across various corporate sectors. They have been selected by some of the largest organizations in the world to build learning solutions that will enable them to achieve their objectives.

Here is a sample of some of their top achievements in 2019:

  • Global Learning Team of the Year, Stevie Awards
  • Top Education and Training Materials, Apex Awards
  • Best Advance in Content, Brandon Hall Awards
  • Top eLearning Content Development Companies, eLearning Industry

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9. Learning Pool

The last 12 months have been a turning point for Learning Pool. In addition to growing their client base (more than 800 global organizations), they also enjoyed the launch of their new LXP, Stream. They also celebrated acquiring HT2 Labs, an award-winning innovative learning solutions provider.  What's more, they've won a vast array of awards. Some of them include Gold for Innovation at the 2019 Learning Technologies Awards and Gold at the International CSR awards. Clients have the ability to quickly deliver personalized streams of expert content by leveraging the Learning Pool ecosystem. From ready-made eLearning catalogs and custom content production to powerful LMSs, LXPs, LRSs, and authoring tools, you've got all you need for your training. All the above can help deliver curated experiences that rapidly drive performance across an organization.

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  • Action mapping
    They use an action mapping methodology to generate and refine learning content with clients. This approach places real business outcomes at its core, around which scenario-based learning activities are built. Action mapping helps make for a more active and practical learning experience and ensures scenarios are truly connected with business aims.
  • Gamification
    Gamification can help add weight, depth, and excitement to scenario-based learning. Learning Pool has a great gamification pedigree having earned a Gold Learning Technologies Award for Best Learning Game with Schlumberger in 2017. This Virtual CEO game gave learners the opportunity to play as a client's chief exec, placing them in key investment decision scenarios across projects around the globe. The experience helped sales staff get to grips with the different factors involved in their client's purchasing decisions and was an important conversation starter.
  • Diversity approach
    In addition to gamification, they have applied scenario-based learning to a wide range of visual styles, content formats, and interaction types. From simple multiple-choice questions to in-depth branching interactive animations, they have the ability and experience to breathe life and relatability into learning experiences.


Their work with Sonova on the Swiss International Hearing Academy, which offers a new professional certification for hearing care practitioners around the world online, was completely scenario-led. The core learning content has been structured around a series of virtual clients, each of which brings with them a particular set of problems. Learners counsel each client through their journey across virtual and in-person content formats in a learning journey spanning nine months in real time.

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10. CoreAxis

CoreAxis Consulting has been a leader in management consulting and eLearning for nearly two decades. They've empowered companies like Thermo Fisher Scientific and Amazon to instill core competencies through scenario-based learning programs. Their award-winning team delivers immersive, customized learning programs, and learning solutions. They work with you to optimize content and delivery mediums. The CoreAxis scenario-based learning toolkit includes digital learning, live and Virtual Instructor-Led Training, and collaborative team spaces. They’ll work with you to assess your training process, choose the right features to convey your objectives, and build a comprehensive program tailored to your needs.

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  • Close collaboration
    The CoreAxis team schedules kick-offs, working sessions, and standing status updates in order to fully understand your organization’s needs. They'll create a program iteratively and collaboratively with your team. Their agile process ensures you are part of it each step of the way so that expectations are met and you’re satisfied with the final product.
  • Program delivery
    Once their team has aligned with yours on the key scenarios that you want the training to cover, they build out the program using rapid content development technology. This agile approach ensures your program will be delivered as fast as possible. Care to learn more? Make sure to download their eBook on how to maximize employees' potential with virtual training.
  • Ongoing support
    After you’ve adopted the new scenario-based learning program and have had the opportunity to put it into action, their studio team is available to make ongoing changes and updates as necessary. This gives you a chance to gather employee feedback and measure performance to ensure the program is up to your standards and delivering on objectives.


A major pharmaceutical company enlisted CoreAxis to increase engagement in its financial literacy eLearning course. The organization, which employs more than 70,000 people globally, needed an innovative addition to an existing learning program to drive up participation and results. The CoreAxis team suggested adding a scenario-based learning element to enhance engagement and immersiveness. This new program element increased employee investment in the learning material and led to increased participation and course completion.

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11. Curious Lion

Curious Lion is a team of creative learning architects, ready to extract your company knowledge and convert your original content into unique scenario-based learning. Their experts listen to what your ideal training world looks like. They can be an ideal partner if you value having someone who cares as much about learning as you do; if you are tired of account executives managing your learning projects; and if you want to create scenarios that give your learners opportunities to do. Because let's face it, learning is doing, and doing is learning.

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  • Best-in-class content extraction
    Curious Lion believes that the answers your people are looking for are already out there in your organization. They work with your learning leaders and Subject Matter Experts to extract and organize information with their proprietary approach to content extraction.
  • Video-based learning
    Αny good training needs an asynchronous element, and Curious Lion are masters at rapidly creating live-action and animated scenario videos for your team. Care to learn more? Make sure to download their eBook 5 Steps For A Flawless Virtual Training.
  • Peer-based learning
    Τhe best learning happens between team members, and every Curious Lion course considers how to promote peer-to-peer learning in your team using scenario-based projects in the real world to create real transformation.


Thanks to a focus on a fully customized approach to creating learning, Curious Lion works with almost any industry to come up with unique scenarios to train teams. One of the most recent examples was with PagerDuty. Growing rapidly, they had more learners around the world, in more time zones, and more offices. They could no longer be in every classroom, office, and room with each learner all the time, in real time. They needed to scale. To them scaling meant prioritizing, shifting focus, relentlessly solving for various learners, and learning how to continuously improve without losing what has already been built.

To read how Curious Lion partnered with PagerDuty to elevate their onboarding experience using scenarios, click here.

12. Origin Learning

Origin Learning offers end-to-end content and technology services. These include consulting, design, development, deployment, maintenance, and support. Their growing clientele includes Fortune 500 companies across diverse industries and markets. They’ve implemented the scenario-based learning strategy to meet the business objectives of more than one client. Origin Learning can help you create enhanced and immersive learning experiences with higher rate of course completion.  They focus on the retention of learning by improving problem-solving and decision-making for your learners. They collaborate with thought leaders to push to the new frontiers with creative and innovative approaches to digital learning. Care to see what collaborating with them looks like? Visit our directory to read customer reviews for Origin Learning.


Research indicates that only about 30 to 35% of the skills taught in training are in use after one year. How can we make them stick? Scenarios convert abstract concepts into concrete stories, enhancing retention, and resulting in an effective transfer to work performance. Why? Our brains are wired for stories. Origin Learning's framework rigorously builds out the key components of scenario-based learning.

  • Real-life decision making
    Scenarios simulate work situations with multiple variables, and learners form meaningful connections with the real-world applications of what they are learning. The cognitive shift from acquiring information to solving problems keeps learners invested in the process, as they participate in the narrative and in some cases, even influence outcomes.
  • Safety net
    Bad decisions that may cost a company dearly are averted as learners practice in an environment where they can afford to make mistakes. Sensitive issues can be explored freely without the baggage of stigma or a litany of consequences. The feedback mechanism helps learners contextualize the subject matter, understand mistakes, and learn from them.
  • Step up competence
    Learning retention is underpinned by deep encoding, which is exactly what scenario-based learning delivers. Learners step up on the competencies covered in the learning segment and achieve mastery faster.


Every industry vertical can benefit from scenario-based learning, and they have successfully employed it for a spectrum of clients ranging from sales to healthcare and technology. They have designed interactive video simulations for sales scenarios, where the learner plays the coach by flagging correct/incorrect behaviors while watching recorded interactions and receives context-sensitive feedback. To support the change management process of a major healthcare consulting group, they implemented a series of complex scenarios, where learners took informed decisions. These scenario nuggets were delivered periodically. Spaced repetition of the concepts helped counter learning decay and supported learning retention and transfer to the job.

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