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Our Technology

Our patented training technology, with its proven record of success in governmental, educational, and business environments, speaks for itself. What makes Alelo different is our team of experts, unmatched in diversity and expertise, which allows us to devise the most effective training systems as precisely tailored to your specific needs as possible. We aren’t offering a few solutions to try. Where we come from, there weren’t always second chances – so we’re offering the solutions. Our cost-effective, scalable methodology also results in more consistent training, improved retention of material, and faster skill development over more traditional methods.

Team Expertise

Alelo has assembled an interdisciplinary team of professionals to holistically support all three sides of its product development: instructional, contextual, and technological. The result is an effective, relevant, and state of the art training tool tailored to teach the skills requisite to achieve your specific training goals, whether they are job skills to improve industry-specific sales, academic instruction to master a new language or tactical training to ensure survival. Our team includes experts in instructional design and development (pedagogy, curriculum development, educational psychology, adult learning), cultural and linguistic anthropology, intercultural communication, foreign languages, natural language processing, computational linguistics, automated speech recognition, computer science (artificial intelligence, software engineering, modeling, simulation), human-computer interaction, video games, graphic arts, animation, and media production.

Our History

Back in 2002, soldiers returning from Afghanistan reported challenges with region specific dialects and cultural etiquette, sparking new research. Thanks to funding from DARPA, the original Tactical Language virtual learning games were born. These proved to be uniquely effective and mission-relevant; the first Marine battalion to return from Iraq without any combat fatalities learned Iraqi Arabic language and culture using Alelo’s Tactical Iraqi™.

Thanks to support from the Air Force, Marines, and Special Forces, Alelo developed its technology into a versatile tool for Web-based experiential learning. In 2016 the Air Force highlighted Alelo as a Success Story of their Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program. Alelo culture and language learning products are now available for 90 countries, and hundreds of thousands of learners around the world have used them to learn practical communication skills.

Alelo continues its commitment to learner success and technical innovation. Alelo, a Hawaiian word, means “tongue” or “language”. It also refers to the leading edge of a traditional Hawaiian canoe paddle, the part that cuts the water and propels the paddler forward. Alelo is at the leading edge of experiential digital learning.


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