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AmazAntz is a fast growing organization that specializes in addressing the two most important needs of an organization - Training & Communication, using two proprietary methodologies - S.I.M.P.L.E. & S.M.A.R.T.

Our domain specific expertise in custom eLearning solutions and Communication solutions are designed to boost employees' performance and energize brands.

AmazAntz works to build capabilities that are focused on delivering the business objectives of its customers, improve workforce performances, create new competencies or bridge competency gaps which enable organizations to stay relevant in an ever changing technological and business environment. It assures measurable Return On Learning Investments.

De-risking competency shifts, creating right skills

AmazAntz, has a talented team which includes the finest learning professionals, creative designers and technology experts to deliver platform agnostic solutions that cuts across industry verticals. It helps organizations to de-risk competency shifts assuring customers of always having the right skills to compete with.

It has a repertoire of pre-defined learning programs along with bespoke solutions that help customers across industry verticals to:

  • Deliver Operational Readiness
  • Create New Competencies
  • Enhance Workforce Effectiveness
  • Optimize Performance
  • Learning Platform to host and deliver cost-effective learning solutions

While AmazAntz’s solutions can be hosted in the customer’s IT and Learning environment it also provides a learning platform to organizations who want experts to create, manage and deliver learning and knowledge solutions customized to its business needs. This helps to minimize the organization’s investment in Learning Management System (LMS) while at the same time leverage the benefits of having a team of experts hosting and delivering its learning needs.


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