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AquinasVR is a global VR learning content creation company, founded around the idea that virtual reality is becoming a transformative force in learning and development.

We believe, however, that it's not enough to just make beautiful VR content or translate existing training programs directly into VR like many of the current offerings in the marketplace.  The real power of VR for learning is when you create the perfect blend of both, leveraging training approaches based on how people really learn and the emotional impact and enhanced retention of VR.

AquinasVR was built to deliver just that, with a team that delivers extensive and leading-edge expertise across learning & development, VR, VR learning, content creation, and production.

AquinasVR Leadership

Hugh Seaton - VR Tech & Learning

Hugh, Seaton, CEO of Aquinas, is a VR learning pioneer and advocate, as well as the founder of the NYVR Expo.  Hugh will provide expertise in VR learning, a deep knowledge of VR technology, how VR works, and how that drives effective learning, to guide your VR learning program and experience.

Marco Faccini - eLearning & VR Execution

For 17+ years, Marco has been building cutting edge eLearning and VR learning systems and content and has become globally recognized in the fields of Learning & Development and VR.  Marco will bring that expertise to develop and build your VR learning experience.

Sten Hallock - Content, Production & Customer Success

With 20+ years of production and client service experience across advertising, digital marketing, and content creation, Sten will guide you seamlessly through the process of translating your training needs into effective, world-class VR content.


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