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Bodhih is an award winning and leading India player in the Learning and Development space, especially corporate organizations across industries and domains. Through the decade long corporate presence Bodhih understands the trends on the horizon, regularly brings academic and research insights, and works with best of class technology solutions.

More than being a learning services provider, Bodhih works on the corporate mission of bringing “360 degrees approach to Elevated Learning”.

Every market place across Industries is inundated with technology shifts and strategy shifts. As a result, the companies constantly require learning content – a lot of it in the e-learning format. These organizations to fulfill their growing demand of learning curricula need turnaround speed, industry precision and technical expertise for their in-house learning programs.

Bodhih’s instructional designers begin with a learning needs analysis, mapping audience, analyzing content, setting learning objectives, defining instructional design plan, storyboarding content, choosing appropriate technology, live experimentation and finally evaluating learning effectiveness.

E-learning content creation calls for a superior set of instructional design skills, technology understanding, and adult learning best practices with focus on maintaining learner attention. Be it simulation, practice tests, or delivering skills through examples, E-Learning content creation needs experimentation and user feedback to reach the optimum efficiency levels.

Bodhih’s team of versatile trainers and instructional designers with relevant industry background bring a list of cutting-edge skills.

Organizations when faced with a large scale of training audience, and complex subjects of technical and functional training require translating in-house SME knowledge into e-learning modules with simulations, assessment, interactive content built on robust technologies.

Bodhih brings precisely that edge. Get in touch today for a case-study and past examples of E-Learning content creation assignments and client testimonials.


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