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Are you feeling bogged down by behind the scenes technical work that needs to happen to keep your business running smoothly?

You need to actively look for new clients, speak at live and online events, develop their coaching skills, run your business, build a fan base, post to their community on social media and deal with all the other tech requirements of their website and online systems.

With a passion for digital marketing and drive to enable businesses owners with the tools and integrations they need to grow your business online, Burhaan focuses on helping professional coaches and consultants bridge the chasm that exists between their business and the technology needed to market and deliver their services.

Burhaan manages all the elements of the online side of your business, including marketing funnels, training programs, email automation, event registration, and advertising.

Burhaan uses a dependable and reliable process so you can get back to doing what you do best knowing that the tech side of your business is taken care of.

Bridgeight handles all the digital aspects required to grow your business online through strategic content, advertising campaigns, marketing funnels, email marketing and messaging.


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