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Consilia People Solutions' Learning Solutions

In today's digital generation interactive learning and gamification have become extremely popular. We offer you the latest in this highly effective, and most importantly fun, way of learning to increase learner motivation and engagement. Fun can change the learning experience for the better!

We can custom develop E-learning on any subject for you.  We can, amongst others, assist with the following:

Onboarding (Induction)

E-learning solutions can help your organisation implement an efficient onboarding process, reducing the time-to-competence of your new hires. We can help your organisation instil a sense of company pride.


In many sectors of your business, it is critical that your employees demonstrate compliance with industry specific rules and regulations. We can provide you with the necessary tools to ensure that your business remains up to date with data and changes within your industry. This form of compliance training is effective due to the fact that it is not only cost effective and accessible anywhere, but can also be developed and deployed in a short amount of time –ensuring your compliance is up to date at all times.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety training is an integral part of your business, and it is not only limited to the mining and construction industry. The benefits of E-learning, compared to traditional methods of training, is a significant reduction of training costs and time.

Sales Training

We can all agree that sales is at the heart of every successful business. Ensuring that your workforce is adequately trained and informed in business trends and procedures, can drastically boost your profits. E-learning streamlines this process and motivates your sales team.

Customer Services

Learning Management Systems have the potential to transform customer service training in any organization by allowing your staff rapid access to learning materials, which can be updated regularly in response to changing customer needs.


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