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Digitano Media specialises in creating the highest quality videos for eLearning, Online Courses and Promos.

We have a team of over 30 video experts, ready to help you create videos that increase your audience and your impact.

We've created hundreds of online courses for clients such as Skillshare and are focussing on becoming an industry leader in the eLearning and Online Course video creation sector.

See what Skillshare thinks of us:

Digitano Media have created over one hundred video classes for us and have been instrumental in streamlining our class creation process.

Our video production can be challenging since our classes are filmed by multiple videographers and teachers worldwide. Bringing these video assets together, under one committed and reliable editing team is essential to our business and its growth oriented model.

Our classes have to be edited quickly and to the highest standard and Digitano Media helps us to consistently create these high quality videos.

They are always available to support the Skillshare team, not only during the editing process but they also provide expert consultation on anything video related. From shooting best practices to transferring footage, they always provide efficient solutions.

Partnering with Digitano Media means we can forget about the complicated video editing process and know that great videos will always be delivered.


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