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At Fat Chimp Studios in St. Louis, monkey business takes on a whole new meaning. Our hardworking and experienced team of business video production experts transforms a single idea into a multimedia project that blows your viewers away.

Sure, we have fun bringing your story to screen, but there’s no monkeying around here – we take every step of the process seriously to meet your goals and budget.

Since starting our expedition in 2006, our combination of talented team members continues to be unique to the St. Louis market.

Our chimps possess more than 200 years of combined experience in all different backgrounds – video production, virtual reality, live broadcast for both news and sports, media streaming, and audio engineering.

Team members have worked with the Olympics, The Phil Donahue Show, major sports leagues, NBC, Bud Sports, and a variety of Fortune 500 companies. We’re directors, producers, animators, scriptwriters, and on-air talent who are all focused on your specific video goals.

Fat Chimp Studios Full Line Of Video Production Services In St. Louis

  • Video Services
    Our monkeys don’t just show up the day of a shoot – we’re there at every step in the process. From storyboarding and scriptwriting to editing and post-production, we ensure we capture your message and connect it with your audience.
  • Audio Services
    Boost your video with our suite of professional audio services. We’re not limited to sound libraries – we employ the best in voice talent, musicians and sound professionals that make your video as exciting to the ears as it is to the eyes.
  • Animation Services
    Our talented animators can make your video incredibly interactive with everything from motion graphics that incorporate a world of characters into your presentation to original effects including medical animation and product walkthroughs.
  • Interactive Services
    The more senses a person uses the more they engage with what they are doing. Video provides sight and hearing, but it is our interactive media team that adds touch to further engage your audience.
  • eLearning Services
    In a world full of distractions connecting with adult learners can be a challenge when it comes to online and web-based learning. We create a fully immersive learning experience that pulls them in and doesn’t let go until they secure the training your company requires.
  • Video Communication Services
    What’s the point of a great video if no one watches it? Our marketing experts help you ensure your video gets in the hands of your audience and reaches profitable new customers you never expected.
  • Video Support Services
    Sometimes you need an entire troop of chimps to help run your video efforts. Other times, you may just need one or two to guide you through different areas of the production jungle. Fat Chimp Studios offers a variety of video support services to help you along.

Discover the Solutions Fat Chimp Studios has to offer.