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E-Learning Consultation Services for Higher Educational Institutions

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Higher Educational Insights mission is to provide objective e-learning consulting services for Higher Educational Institutions. As an objective reviewer and provider of educational technology for over 40+ years, our consulting services provide include:

  • Implementation Strategies
  • Tools and LMS Selections
  • Needs Analysis
  • Faculty and Training Workshops
  • Instructional Design Methodologies

In many instances, Educational Institutions are hermitically sealed enterprises populated by political fiefdoms and lead by those who have little or no experience with actually developing educational content. Additionally, those charged with making e-learning decisions oftentimes don’t have a background with educational methodologies nor a proven records in choosing specific tools and services that would complement their online endeavors.

Our purpose is to provide objective e-learning consulting services to those administrators, developers, and instructors who wish to provide on-line courses in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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