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JKT Learning Solutions is a valuable asset of the JK Organisation, one of India’s largest industrial groups with an annual turnover exceeding USD 4 Billion. JKT Learning Solutions has enabled organisations to achieve world-class learning solutions, reduction of cost of knowledge dissemination and creation of technology-driven learning processes.

At JKT Learning Solutions, we consistently ensure the availability of the highest quality of learning methodologies with competitive pricing and powerful commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether it is building customized eLearning modules or providing e-solutions to customers, our approach has a unique distinction of being ‘Creative’, ‘Learner-friendly’, ‘Well-structured’ and ‘Measurable’.

JKTLS has strategic focus on building compelling digital interactive learning solutions. In last 2 years, we have built world-class solutions with highest quality of learning methodologies for customers across India, US, Australia and South Africa. We have invested in building solution accelerators, frameworks and IPs to build cost effective solutions while addressing Enterprise eLearning requirements. Through our consultative driven approach and frameworks, we have successfully implemented planned change management that has brought about organization wide transformation.

As a through through growth approach, JKTLS has invested considerably in building innovative technology driven learning products that promises to address training platform related challenges of organizations. The products "LearnProf" – a cutting edge Learning Management System and offline Mobile Applications have been successfully rolled out for customers in India.


Customg Content, mLearning, Gamification, Learning Advisory, Learning Management System (LMS), Interactive Books, Social Learning, Mobile App Development, ERP/SAP User Adoption Training.


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