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I develop customized training programs to empower growing businesses and improve employee performance. I assess your goals and business needs, develop the training materials, and guide you through the implementation of the program.

Step 1: Assess the needs of your business

When you and I start working together, the first step is to determine what your business or department actually needs. You might have a good idea of what this is already, but even if you don’t, this is where you and I get on the same page about what the goal of our collaboration will be.

At this stage, I tend to ask a lot of questions, because you are the expert about your business. In general, I try to find out:

  • What the trainees should be able to do after the training,
  • How the current work environment and training environment is set up, and
  • What financial, technological, and logistical limitations are present.

Depending on the scope of your training, this stage could take anywhere from a couple of days to several weeks. Planning out a one-hour training video may get done in just one session, but a comprehensive training series may take somewhat longer to ensure that all of the business goals are met.

Step 2: Develop the content of the training

By the end of the first stage, you and I will have put together a written plan for what your business’s training program will involve and what I will be doing to help facilitate the launch of the program. Part of this written plan includes a list of deliverables, which refers to any kind of digital or physical training material that I produce for your business.

Depending on your unique business needs, these deliverables may include:

  • PowerPoint presentations
  • E-learning courses
  • Written materials:Manuals/guides
  • Learning activities
  • Assessments
  • Trainer guide

Step 3: Implement the training program

Once I have created all of the training materials, you and I will do a quality check to see if the materials need to undergo any revision or if they are ready for implementation.

If everything passes inspection, then I spend some time with you and any other trainers that need to know how to facilitate and maintain this training. Even after I am done coaching you on the setup, I will still keep in touch to make sure things are going well. I address any issues that come up so that you can enjoy guiding a new set of employees through your brand-new training program!


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