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Welcome to M&H Progressive Skills, e-learning company to address all your L&D requirements.

Custom E-Learning & Learning Management System Solutions
Our pioneering approach to e-learning incorporates online courses, formative assessments, online quiz and designing curriculum and training material.

Custom / Interactive / Corporate Video Production
Onsite training in offices and plants effectively incorporates video strategies with our customised and interactive video solutions. Instructors communicate over video conferencing attributes.

2D / 3D Animation & Graphics
Our talented pool of In-house Graphic Designers and Animators to add that extra little sparkle to your Business communication anytime, anywhere. Specialized graphic editing tasks such as photo editing, colour corrections to give that professional finesse.

Translation & Localization
In today’s global, In case your business needs multilingual capabilities, then we welcome you with our hands wide open. We have a potential team of multilingual experts who are capable of providing top-notch translation.

Safety Consulting
Safety compliance for the corporate sector is becoming crucial. Quality safety training for staff, employees and workers is therefore vital. Training directly translates into compliance, reduced occurrence of accidents and safety awareness among employees.

ILTs / Instructor-led Training
Instructor Led Training, ILT for short, is the classroom like setting where instructions and training is given to individuals or groups by a standing Instructor. Essentially facilitators, Instructors typically possess in -depth subject knowledge and Industry experience.

Virtual-Reality(VR) In Training
Virtual reality (VR) is a three-dimensional, computer-generated representation of physical worlds. These worlds are immersive, and users can interact with them as if they are real. A variety of VR devices are available on the market, ranging from inexpensive.

Industrial Automation Training
We provide technical training on PLCs, Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Robotics, Mechatronics, Industrial Automation, Additive Manufacturing, Industry 4.0 and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies.


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