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Lexington, Hiranandani estate, Thane W
Lexington, Hiranandani estate, Thane W
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At Netvidya, we have created training for topics such as compliance policies, performance gaps, product features, induction programs, application training, production cycles, operations & logistics to name just a few. We serve industries across verticals, including manufacturing, energy, healthcare & biotechnology, technical rescue services, hospitality, automotive and finance. Our customers are in their own elite niche and include India/US based corporate like BNP Paribas, Amazon, Reliance, Elliott Group, Kellog’s, Papa John’s, General Mills, Anheuser-Busch, Murphy Oil, ING, FINRA, Cleviprex, LMR, Genzym, Starwood, MAC, Swarovski, T Rowe Price, Janus, AXA, and many more.

As technology experts and having rich experience on various industries for E-Learning, Training & IT Solutions, Please let us know if we can help you in any of your business processes, I would assure you a quality & successful partnership by delivering efficient & effective solutions.


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