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OpusUS Work@Vantage® Integrating Workplace Learning

J|W|Y Business - eLearning - Management Consulting guides clients in business decision making and development by determining, acquiring, analyzing – synthesizing, and disseminating relevant business and market data to mobilize organizations to action.

Secondly, we optimize organizational performance through eWork-eLearn integration to maintain a relevant and competitive workforce.  J|W|Y Partners and Associates offer a comprehensive business eLearning evaluation with a complementary customized report and diagnosis of learning and training gaps pertaining to your operations. Our service includes;

  • A comprehensive consult to help identify strengths-opportunities-weaknesses-threats regarding your business eLearning opportunities,
  • A comprehensive report that includes a plan on hoe to breach the learning gaps with timelines and milestones,
  • A cost analysis, and a schedule of implementation course development.
  • A suite of eWork-eLearn quality-designed Work@Vantage® eLearning courses that will help you and your workforce get to the next level quickly and smoothly.

Discover the Solutions OpusUS Work@Vantage® Integrating Workplace Learning has to offer.