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Piazza Copernico is an e-learning company with a solid professional experience that can offer, in the same training project, a safe and efficient Cloud LMS Platform, the development of customized Learning Object, a wide catalog of online courses and different support services to guarantee training projects' delivery.

Piazza Copernico is carrying out engaging Learning Programs, providing high-quality contents and cost-effecting training solutions geared to people and companies' needs.

Our mission: We want to match learning needs of companies and to ensure the best possible user experience.

A good e-learning project represents a successful tool for companies because it's maintainable, results-oriented and measurable. In the meantime, the user must be able to enjoy our product, so it has to be quick, captivating and meaningful.

Every single project is a chance to shape the most fitting learning process, including design, methodology and dynamics of courses.

We don't provide ready-made solutions because we think that every choice in the learning area has to be well thought-out according to the context, targets and project goals.

The core value of our innovation is the attention to Research and development scenarios.


"...To know that we do not know what we do not know, that is true knowledge.”

Nicolaus Copernicus


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