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Corporate Training programmes to enhance motivation, productivity, customer orientation and decision making of your employees

Disengaged employees and a high turnover rate impact your business' productivity, level of innovation, and ultimately the bottom line. One of the key reasons for attrition is a lack of opportunity for self-development. Our training programmes are designed to provide self-development opportunities to your employees, especially at the junior and middle levels, to enhance their engagement and productivity.

Why Choose SoaringEagles?

SoaringEagles is an innovative talent development company. Everything we do is about creating more confident individuals and helping companies energize their teams to deliver accelerated growth. We provide that spring in the step and the self-belief to soar to new heights.

SoaringEagles helps develop 21st-century skills such as emotional resilience, change readiness, social intelligence & collaboration, design mindset, novel & adaptive thinking and persuasive communication that enables companies to be competitive and future-ready.

SoaringEagles has worked for leading organisations such as SBI, Uber, Essel Propack, Accenture Operations, Aditya Birla Group, Intuit, STCI Group, Systems Plus, RBS, Keller India, OK Sir and Concilience. Participants for our career advancement training come from leading companies like HSBC, Citibank, PwC, Reserve Bank of India, Trident Hotel, TCS, Max Bupa Health Insurance, Borosil, HDFC Mutual, Infosys, ICICI Prudential, STCI Primary Dealer, Capgemini and so on.

Our programmes are engaging and effective and we have got excellent feedback from our participants.

SoaringEagles was recognized as one of the Top 10 Pathbreaking Learning & Development Solution Providers in 2018 by Insights Success Magazine.

SoaringEagles was recognized as one of the Top 25 Most Promising Learning & Development Consultants in 2017 by Consultants Review Magazine.

Some of our high impact corporate training programs are listed below:

  • Leadership Development
  • Effective Business Communication Skills
  • Building High-Performance Teams - Breaking Silos
  • Delivering Superior Customer Experience
  • Strategic Thinking & Decision-Making
  • Managerial Effectiveness Training

We also design customized training programs as per your requirement.

What differentiates us is our strong Learner-Centric approach. Our programmes are designed to arouse an intrinsic motivation to learn in the participants which makes our programmes more effective.

Our thrust is on quality content which is constantly refined to incorporate the latest developments in the field. We believe in maintaining consistency in our delivery of quality content and hence work with in-house learning facilitators rather than outsourced trainers.

We put to use a variety of tools and activities to make the training engaging and effective. Our focus is on experiential learning through activities, role plays, self-reflection activities, video sessions and so on.

SoaringEagles also offers

  • Rapid Content Development
  • Curriculum Design
  • Train the Trainer 

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