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The National Company for Software Engineering and Information Technology (N.I.T) was founded in 2013. When talking about E-Learning services and solutions, LMS, E-Training and face to face training, you will find N.I.T is the best company for offering this. We are highly specialized and experienced in these fields as we are hiring the most experienced employees to deliver the work to your side.

N.I.T is an experienced company in the field of e-learning content development. All our content courses are standard-complaint, interactive and are compliant to be working on mobile as well as on web and on any digital media.

N.I.T delivers full solutions for serving the whole educational organizations (primary, preparatory, secondary, college) by delivering e-learning content, e-training content, face to face training, smart boards and LMS.

N.I.T is delivering also full solutions for special needs students by providing special e-learning content for them as well as instruments and devices. We are highly specialized and experienced in this domain.

N.I.T expertise in pedagogy, design, processes and standards ensure your digital content will success in achieving your goals.

N.I.T developed courses are characterized by:

  • The precision of its instructional design.
  • Interactivity.
  • SCORM compliant.
  • Web and mobile based.
  • User friendly interface designs.
  • Applying the latest and innovative development techniques.
  • Acceptable load time of content pages.
  • Assessments are aligned with course goals.
  • Assessments are adaptable to accommodate students’ needs.

Discover the Solutions The National Company N.I.T has to offer.