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ZeaLearn is committed to high quality instructional design and educational development, that provides a core deliverable of programs, courses, and learning objects for the distance education, distributed learning, and e-learning markets.

ZeaLearn’s unique blend of creative thought processes and deep technical understanding allow us to create truly innovative solutions for organizations across sectors. Our breadth of experience allows us to make the best use of your existing people, resources and devices. We are proactive about researching the latest technologies that will benefit your learners.

Our Services

  1. Training Needs Analysis
    • Perform Training Needs Analysis based on customer organizational environment, SME requirements and audience analysis.
    • Perform thorough analysis of learners, content, context and tasks.
    • Align course learning objectives, with meaningful learning activities and assessments.
  2. Instructional Design
    • Application of learning technologies that enhance the interest, the engagement and the interaction among learners.
    • We offer more than just intelligently designed custom courses. We offer an entire suite of eLearning solutions.
    • We’ll even take your old courses and modernize their design and functionality.
  3. Develop, Test, Review and publish eLearning
    • Develop, Test and Review eLearning content in HTML 5 and publish it in SCORM and Tin Can API standards for web and mobile use.
  4. Learning Evaluation
    • Create decision scenario assessments and tests to evaluate performance in all organization levels, according to Kirkpatrick’s model.
  5. Cloud LMS implementation
    • Upload published eLearning content either to Cloud or client server LMS.
    • Analyze LMS goals.
    • Provide expert advice and guidance.
    • LMS implementation (installation & customization to customers requirements with logo and color preferences).
    • Incorporate social media.
    • LMS hosting.
  6. After Sales LMS Services
    • Customers’ training on LMS components.
    • LMS maintenance and support.

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