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LetterPress Software, Inc.

LetterPress Software offers instructional design services and custom e-learning development. We create rich, interactive experiences to help our clients reach their performance goals.

LHT Group

LHT Group focuses on highly creative and innovative custom eLearning projects tracked by in-depth learning metrics. The result? Employees that are more engaged, more motivated, and better at their jobs. Gamification, microlearning, blended, VR/AR.


e-Learning Development Services

Life Science Interactive

I create interactive and resuable learning objects for the life sciences. These are produced in HTML5 format and are SCORM- or Tin Can API- compliant, so they can be easily added to a learning management system or used as a stand-alone resource.

Limestone Learning

Limestone Learning is a custom learning development company located in North Vancouver, BC serving enterprise clients in Canada and the US with training analysis, instructional design, course authoring, project management and performance support.

Lingel Learning

Lingel Learning is dedicated to developing creative, end-to-end, eLearning solutions for every client.

Litmos Heroes

Over 2,500 courses and videos and 15,000 learning resources to help drive awareness and better connect learners. LMS agnostic, new courses added free every week. It's the Netflix of elearning and it's time you save your business from boring learning!

Logicearth Learning Services

Logicearth provides enterprise eLearning content development services and learning & development support services to blue chip companies around the world. We support clients to get better, faster and add value to modern workplace learning solutions.

Lumesse Learning

We are Lumesse Learning. Putting people at the heart of all we do, we help organisations modernise and digitally transform their learning strategy and solutions.

Marinda Botha's Training Courses

Soft skills training online courses in the following areas: Performing on-camera, Creating video tutorials, Voice Overs. Learn how to develop your voice and body for performance. Be the best version of you.

Marked Improvement E-learning Ltd

Marked Improvement E-learning Ltd is an e-learning development agency established in 2015 focusing on bespoke solutions for clients across all sectors. Solutions are based on our own CourseBeam LMS.

Master Systems

Master Systems is one of the leading e-learning solutions provider in India. Our main aim is to provide high quality e-learning content at affordable price for all local and international clients.

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