Eltima Port Virtualization Technology

Advanced solution that can be easily integrated into any university network. With EPVT you'll be able to connect all required USB and COM-based devices to a single Ethernet network and interact with them regardless of their physical location.

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Frankfurt Herriot's, Herriotstraße 1
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+1 360 312 7638

To provide efficient interaction between all of the university system components (such as complex lab equipment, database servers, computer systems, etc.), IT specialists try to create a reliable data transmission network. Connected to the network, any USB or serial port device can be shared among multiple users and accessed from any remote computer.

The establishment of such a network can be rather challenging though. To provide a USB or serial connection over the network, developers need a dedicated port redirection technology that will allow virtualizing hardware ports and sharing them over Ethernet or the Internet.

Eltima Port Virtualization Technology (EPVT) will provide you with the ability to access an unlimited number of remote ports.

What Eltima Port Virtualization Technology does, in fact, is converts serial and USB signals into network data packets and forwards them to client machines over LAN or the Internet. Client machines, in turn, connect to remote equipment over virtual interfaces created in their systems with the help of EPVT.