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Supported Specifications

What is Sabina?

 Sabina provides a well designed and structured Learning Management System LMS for K-12 and Higher Education. With user-friendly communication and content delivery.

LMS that covers all your needs in one place (Student Profiles, Assignments, Online exams, Online and recorded lectures, Attendance system, Data collection, Collaboration and chat panel, etc..).

You will get an insight into Comprehensive student management. Ability to assess and analyze all of your data to make a well-informed decision based on your facts. 

control the future of digital education with a fully managed and collaborative system, we put the student and teacher on the right track for an agile learning process. 

Overview of Sabina benefits

Sabina is one of the most innovative Learning Management Systems LMS in the world. It's designed to personalize and digitalize the educational system. 

We provide a very affordable pricing plan to install Sabina. We take care of everything for you, so you can focus only on the learning process. 

The school won't have many Softwares to manage and author its facility. With very affordable pricing you will get "Sabina LMS" installed and customized for you.

Free continuous training (in-person - online), Free 24/7 Support. 

Free installation and maintenance. 

We will make the transition phase go smoothly, that you would not even recognize it. 


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